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Here is everything you can look forward to with the LCS 2021 Summer Split

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Can Cloud9 take another regional split title?

With MSI 2021 wrapped up, we now turn our attention towards the many regional splits across the world once again for a months-long marathon on who will make it to Worlds 2021. With invites to the biggest event in LoL limited to just a small number in each region, every team will be wanting to prove they have what it takes to compete on the biggest stage of them all.

The first of many regional splits to look forward to is the LCS region for North America. The LCS 2021 Summer Split will start on June 4 and run a two-month course until August 29 with the same 10 teams from the previous Spring Split. With Cloud9 taking the last split, can they do it once more to become the pride of NA?

LCS Summer 2021

We kick things off with the group stages first with a triple round-robin, giving each team playing 27 games in a best-of-one series. Unlike previous editions, the records from the LCS Spring group stages will be carried over. The teams will play every Friday to Sunday every week, starting June 4 until August 2. If there are no tie-breakers to deal with, we move straight to the LCS Championship 2021 playoffs.

The top eight teams from the group stages will make it through with the first- and second-placed teams heading straight for the second round of the upper bracket. The team that finishes in third will face-off against the team that finishes in sixth in the first round of the upper bracket, followed by the second match, which is between the teams that finish fourth and fifth. Whoever wins will move on to face the top two teams.

Lastly, the team that finishes seventh and eighth will head straight for the first round of the lower bracket, where they will wait for the losers' of said matches earlier. Being a double-elimination bracket, all games will be played in a best-of-five series with the top three teams sealing their place at Worlds 2021.

LCS Teams

What to Expect

Heading into the LCS Summer Split, Cloud9 will be one of the teams to follow after their run at MSI 2021. While they do have a new line-up for the upcoming Summer split, do expect the legendary org to come out of the cages swinging.

However, there are other teams who will be making it a tough road for them, particularly  Team Liquid and  TSM , both of whom have attended Worlds on multiple occasions before and would be hoping to recreate it that once more. With neither team replacing any members of their roster, it does look to be an exciting summer for us all.

The LCS 2021 Summer Split kicks off with an exciting match-up between  Team Liquid and  TSM , followed up with four more games of the day. This will carry on every Friday to Sunday for nine weeks straight so strap yourselves in and get ready.

We will be covering the LCS 2021 Summer Split as we go along so be sure to stay tuned for more!

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