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Mid-Season Invitational 2021: A look at Group C

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MSI 2021 starts tomorrow so here's a look at what Group C will be up to.

After covering who exactly is in Group A and Group B, we now take a look at Group C and its participants. The Mid-Season Invitational will be one of the biggest LANs to ever happen for Riot Games. Not only will it feature the best teams there are in League of Legends to compete under one roof, but Valorant will also be getting its own tourney during MSI 2021 as well.

Group C contains some of the strongest LoL teams from around the world, mainly the winners from the LCK 2021 Spring and the LCS 2021 Spring season: DWG KIA and Cloud9 . To top it all off, they're joined by the winners of the LJL 2021 Spring season as well as the LLA Opening 2021: DetonatioN FocusMe as well as Infinity Esports .

Here's how each team has made it to MSI 2021.


Having won the World's last year, all eyes were on DWG KIA heading into the event. The team have been in red-hot form all year long, starting with claiming the LCK 2021 Spring Split title. During the group stages, they've lost only two matches, allowing them to proceed to the semifinals of the playoffs after getting first place.

Their first match was up against third-place Hanwha Life Esports , who did not have a good track record against DWG. The best-of-five series ended in a three-nil swing for DWG KIA who was able to take the game in a spectacular and efficient fashion. After securing their spot in the grand finals, plenty of people would've already expected DWG KIA to take the whole thing.

Facing off Gen.G , not many would disagree with them being the second-best team in all of Korea. If there was any team that could take a game off of DWG KIA, it was them. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as they got swept away three-nil as well. And to think, this is the same Gen.G who took out Faker's T1 in the process...

Cloud 9

The LCS 2021 Spring Split is one of the most hotly-contested regionals by far as North America features plenty of raw talent and skill when it comes to League of Legends. This is due to the number of top teams and organisations in the area like Team Liquid , TSM , 100 Thieves . C9 also managed to finished top of the group stages, losing five games and winning 13 in the process.

Their first match of the playoffs saw them go up against 100 Thieves, who finished fourth in the group stages. C9 took them out with relative ease, ending the series three-nil and booking their slot in the winner bracket finals. Their next opponent was Team Liquid, another titan in the esports industry and one of the biggest. However, it didn't take C9 long before sweeping the series 3-1 and sending TL into the lower bracket.

With their slot in the grand finals already booked, C9 were to face off with TL once more; a rematch of their winner bracket finals match. While it did take all five games this time, TL was still unable to find a way past C9. The final score was 3-2 in favour of C9, which goes to show how deserving they are of their MSI 2021 slot.

DetonatioN FocusMe

While it was a fairly short regional tournament, the LJL Spring 2021 season was not short of action and drama. With only eight teams in the tournament, DFM showed why they're the best in the area, ending the group stages in first place with only two losses out of 14 games to show for it. With their first-place finish, it secured them a slot in the winner bracket finals.

Their first match-up was with Rascal Jester , who finished second in the group stage. It ended 3-1 in favour of DFM, who already had so much momentum heading into the playoffs. In the grand finals, they faced off against V3 Esports , who were gunning for a fairytale finish.

Climbing all the way from the first round of the loser's bracket, V3 had almost done the impossible. They clawed their way to the top, beating out three teams in the process to make it to the grand finals. Unfortunately, that's where the dream ends as DFM also made short work of their series against V3, ending it with a final score of 3-1.

Infinity Esports

The LLA Opening 2021 season saw only eight teams compete in the regional tournament, which was also separated into two phases of group stage games before the playoffs. Infinity Esports finished second in the first phase with the top five teams making it to phase two. This saw an additional four games being played amongst the top five teams to determine their standing in the playoffs.

With Furious Gaming finishing first, they booked their slot in the grand finals. Meanwhile, Infinity ended the group stages in second place, placing them in the semifinals where they had to wait before facing off against either All Knights or Rainbow7 . It was the former who eventually won, setting up a semifinal battle against Infinity.

After taking the series 3-1, it was time for them to face off against Furious Gaming . It also almost looked as if Furious were about to take the series, jumping into a quick two-nil lead after the first two games. However, Infinity was able to pick themselves back up and claw back the next three games to turn the deficit to their favour in a dramatic 3-2 victory to claim the spot for MSI 2021.

Still to come...

The games will be starting this coming Thursday, 6 May 2021 within all three groups. The top two teams from each group will then move on to the Rumble Stage where they will play five days worth of game. The top four teams will advance to the knockout stage, which will consist of two semifinal matches followed by the grand final match.

Be sure to stick around as we'll be putting out content for MSI 2021 in the days to come!


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