Fifth European Open Division Cup begins today 18:00CET/09:00PDT

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Week in and week out teams will fight to move up in the standings and secure their spot in the playoffs, along with a potential chance to play in the HGC Premier League. With this phase the top eight will move to the playoffs so now more than ever, every single cup is important as every team wants the very best seeding.

Around 20 teams are signed up and ready to face off in this fifth European Open Division Cup. We're in the back half of the second phase of Open Division but there is still time to sign up and compete! Wrack up points in every cup and climb the standings to the top eight and advance to the playoffs! The top two from the playoffs will then play the two lowest HGC Premier League teams in the Crucible for their chance at taking their spot going into 2018.

Bushido e-Sports had been a dominating team in the early stages of this phase but have fallen slightly short the past couple of weeks leaving room for Team Leftovers to take control of the standings. Leftovers have played in all Open Division Cups giving them the most opportunities to earn more and more points for the best seeding possible with a massive 405 points, 90 points in front of Bushido e-Sports. Run it Down is a strong contendor worth mentioning as well as they currently sit at third place, earning the top four in every cup this phase.

These three teams are virtually set for the playoffs, but are hunting for the best possible seeding. Regardless there is still time for teams to break into the top eight with three cups remaining. 

Today at 18:00 CET the next seven weeks of amateur European competitive Heroes begins as teams hunger for a spot in the HGC Premier League.

The first day of the tournament begins at 18:00 CET on twitch.tv/followgrubby.

Can't play in this cup? Don’t worry! Registration for the sixth European Open Division Cup begins tonight as well at 18:00 CET.

Anticipating the North American Open Division? You're in luck! Registration is still open for the fifth NA Open Division Cup!

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