Held it Down faces tough competition but reigns supreme

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With only three cups remaining most of the top eight teams are in a fairly comfortable position in the standings, but as we approach the playoffs all that matter is the prize money and the best spot possible to fight for a chance in The Crucible.

In the first matchup of the semi-finals for the fourth North American Cup, Donkeys R Us faced Firm Handshake and both games just rolled completely in Donkeys favor. Overall their posititoning was much stronger especially in team fight engagements. This shot them to the finals, while pushing Firm Handshake to the third place match.

Going into game one of Held it Down versus Flame is Lame, Flame went for the odd first pick of Falstad and while it was a solid global presence, it was a questionable first pick on Dragon Shire.

Game two was more of a standard draft with Auriel/Valla on the side of Flame is Lame while Held it Down picked Genji/Abathur, a duo that can become very beastly post-level 10. Four minutes into Battlefield of Eternity and kills were already 4-3 in favor of Held it Down with a minor level lead. The kills for the remainder of the game didn't get outrageous but as Held it Down were able to clutch two immortals back to back the second pushed almost to the core. Once it got to the final immortal as Medivh went to core to defend, Held it Down took the opportunity to dive into the fight to secure the last immortal.

Donkeys R Us and Held it Down have have met each other before in the semi-finals of cup two, three, and the extra cup but never in the grand finals until now.

Donkeys R Us had the strong early aggression with a triple warrior composition in game one. After capitalizing on the first Dragon Knight, Donkeys R Us ripped through Held it Down with a 4-1 traded team fight. HiD tried to push back leading to level 13 and while they got a single kill, it wasn't quite enough to turn the game around in their favor. After Donkeys spawned the next Dragon Knight, it continued to go their way as they secured the first game.

Donkeys R Us were equally as agressive in the early game and with McIntyre on Illidan Held it Down was able to stay close behind on level leads. Trading bosses as teams reached level 13 it began to become an even playing field. Donkeys R Us grabbed the top boss on Cursed Hollow before reaching level 20 and it looked as if they may take the 2-0 win, but as they went to grab the bottom boss, the team fight that ensued failed as Held it Down were able to steal it with a full team wipe. In the end, thanks to that one team fight Held it Down was able to push to the core as the death timers slowly ticked away, and force a third game.

While Donkeys R Us were aggressive early in the previous games, it was Held it Downs turn to show their aggression in game three on Battlefield of Eternity. With the early level 7 and an immortal, Held it Downs positioning was perfect in every engagement. as Held it Down continued to lead up two levels reaching their heroics, Donkeys R Us were forced to back off and defended as much as possible to reach level 10. Their defense wasn't strong enough and while they gave Held it Down their hardest competition yet they weren't able to hold off to take the win. 

While the third place game was not on the main stream we know that Flame is Lame defeated Firm Handshake 2-1 to take third place.

As we review the standings, Donkeys R Us remain at the top and with Held it Down continuing with their roster they follow closely only 30 points behind.

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