LFM takes third cup win in a row in Open Division #6

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Every single game on the final day of cup #6 went to three games, showing that compeition at this level of the Open Division is starting to get very high as every team wants to grab the best possible seeding going into the Open Division Playoffs in May

In the first semi-final LFM faced against Four Guys and a Legend. FGL might sounds unfamiliar, but made waves the first day of this cup to advance to the semi-finals taking out familiar teams like Vox and the Busted Bullets and Even in Death.

FGL came out swinging in game one on Braxis Holdout as they took double global with Dehaka, Falstad along with Morales' Scounting Drone, while LFM had absolutely no global. While experience was fairly equal at level 14, LFM attempted to take the boss to make up for lost Zerg waves. Even as LFM took it, FGL still capitalized on a full team wipe despite losing the boss. FGL then gained three full strength Zerg waves back to back to back, strolling them directly to the core and taking game one.

While game one was fairly dominant from FGL, Game two on sky temple was much more equal and while the end was so close, LFM was ultimately able to tie up the series.

In the tie-breaker, LFM had a dominating team fight once reaching level 10 after taking the first Dragon Knight. From then on it rolled completely in their favor as they got another DK at level 20 allowing them to tear through bottom lane with 16-5 kills and all but one fort still remaining.

On the other side of the bracket, Imported Support faced against UT-A for the second time since Cup #2. Much has changed since that then as these games were extremely equal.

Imported was tough competition leading to a hard fight for the Dorm champions, going down one game.

Leading up to level 20, Imported had all forts up while taking down UT-A’s front line of structures on all lanes. As UT-A caught up to level 20 so did their momentum thanks to a botched team fight allowing them two kills and a Dragon Knight. That was all they needed to turn the game around for them destroy Imported’s bottom lane and take the first win.

While everything seemed fairly equal in game two, Imported made a strong comeback in the late game to tie up the series and force another game three.

At one point, game three looked like much like game one as it was fairly equal with Imported getting more use of their composition and experience as they were knocking at UT-A’s core at level 17 with a Punisher. One they reached level 20 it was all over as they escorted their punisher to the core and upset UT-A 2-1.

The third place match was streamed thanks to cavalierguest, and we know that FGL took down UT-A 2-1.

In the finals match, Imported quickly reached level 16 and multiple punishers on Infernal Shrines with the split push putting them ahead in game one.

Game two was all LFM. Pushing their experience and flat out snowballing on Tomb of the Spider Queen, winning at level 20 with all forts still remaining.

Going into the decider game, it was just as equal as all previous games. LFM had Varian/Dehaka/Zarya, a composition that has been fairly popular this cup. It treated them well against Imported's double tank with Johanna/Leoric. Imported kept them on their toes as they reached level 20 neck and neck with a Dragon Knight pushing through. A long game reaching upwards of 26 minutes and level 24 when finally LFM took three kills on Imported, ignored the Shrin spawns and ran through the bottom lane to take the win.

With UT-A falling short, and LFM taking the win the standing haven't changed much from the previous cup, other than Four Guys a Legend shooting up to the seventh position.

Only one more cup left until the top 16 teams will face off in the Open Division Playoffs after which the top two teams will then advance to the Crucible to fight against the lowest two teams currently playing hte the HGC Premier League.

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