Artanis banned in NA Open division cup #1 until bug is fixed

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The Artanis bug that allows players to use Phase Prism from max range and pull an enemy hero without causing Artanis to move in return is easy to do and game changing. Until it is fixed, teams competing in the NA Open Division will be unable to draft Artanis in any game.

Artanis has been a sought after Hero pick since his recent buffs, but along with the mechanics changes to Phase Prism came some unwanted bugs. We saw it in the past tournaments with Rehgar's Feral Lunge and Raynor's Hyperion but those heroes have since been fixed.

Artanis has joined the list of strong heroes who have been temporarily banned from competitive play until his exploits are fixed. This is particularly impactful, as Artanis is considered a high caliber pick in competitive Heroes and teams will have to adjust to his absence.

An explanation of the glitch can be found here

Per the below section of the Open Division rule book, Artanis will be banned until further notice. Additionally, it is not enough that teams just avoid the use of this glitch: any team who drafts Artanis will immediately forfeit that game.

Bugs & Exploit

  1. Any use of a known bug or exploit will result in the team using the bug or exploit being ineligible to any prize for the ongoing match. Any use of bug or exploit will result in a default loss. Blizzard as its sole discretion may apply additional sanctions.
  2. Known bugs and exploits are defined as anything made known previous to the game in question by the administrators or any report that is public on the official bug report forums, the Heroes of the Storm Subreddit (/r/heroesofthestorm) or any form of social media.

Registration for the NA Open Division ends on the 21st, so you still have time to sign up. The tournament officially starts January 23rd, at 6:00 PM PST. 

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  • Mica "oblissvious" Buchanan ,
    Wasn't this bug fixed in the patch 1/12? http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/20474696/heroes-of-the-storm-hotfix-patch-january-12-2017-1-12-2017 "Artanis: Fixed an issue that could prevent Artanis from swapping positions with his target after using Blade Dash and Phase Prism." i just tried to recreate this bug on the live build and was unable to, even though it was easy to execute previously
    • Titus "Skits" Vreeke ,
      Yes, this bug was fixed. I believe the new bug allows Artanis to use is Q as an escape in some way that is not intended. I can't remember how exactly, but the reason he is banned is definitely not the bug in the article. It seems Artanis has become somewhat problematic after his rework, a new bug pops up every other day.
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