Unknown Hero to be revealed through live artist drawing

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Samwise Didier, known for his incredible illustrations and large body of Blizzard art, will be revealing the latest unknown hero during a live artistic stream.

If you are reading this, you have no doubt come in contact with some of Samwise Didier's art before. His bright palettes and overproportioned characters with big armor is the embraced art style for almost all of Blizzards major franchises and his impact on the company is simply massive. Without Samwise, Warcraft simply wouldn't be the Warcraft we know today.

Which means this news about a mystery Hero reveal probably has to do something with a Warcraft hero. We have had a bunch of Starcraft 2 lately, so it makes sense that perhaps we are due for another Warcraft  legend to join the nexus.

My vote is for the Blademaster. What do you think?

What you need to know

It's gonna be awesome, don't take just our word for it!


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Are we due for another Warcraft Hero?

Yes! I'm tired of Starcraft and Diablo
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No, let's see more Overwatch / Starcraft
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