New teams highlight qualifier #7, but Pandas still dominate

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NA ETS Qualifier #7 saw less well-known teams and more newly-formed teams, which is the main focus of this tournament. In this qualifier we got a look at some brand-new teams that we may want to keep an eye on in the future.

Former 2ARC Khroen's new team, Afro Doges, along with the rebuilt Arcane Esports and Hot Dog Burglars (captained by Madtimmy), were some of the newer, successful teams of this qualifier.
In Arcane Esports' new roster debut, they made it all the way to the Semi-Finals and held up a strong fight against Panda Global.
Panda Global and Team Blaze were the only two teams participating that also managed to qualify for the North American Spring Regional.
In a surprising turn of events, Team Blaze fell out in the first round versus THC White. Not only was the loss surprising, but the comp that they lost to was equally unexpected. Blaze is very much known for their “weird but it works” comps, but THC sure gave them a run for their money with a tank-less, specialist heavy comp as shown below.

Hot Dog Burglars were the other highlight of the day, making it all the way to the finals versus Panda Global and even tying it up, forcing a game 3. Will they be the heir to the throne that Bob Ross Fan Club recently left behind?
As we’ve come to see, Jaina is back to being the mage of choice after the recent KT and Li-Ming Nerfs, HDB even got away with grabbing Jaina AND KT in game 3 but still weren’t able to pull out the final win.

There’s one more qualifier left, still time for teams that may be lower on the point standings to make it to the group stages. While the top 7 teams have gotten themselves quite a safe margin of points, the other 5 spots are still open for some changes. Are we going to see Hot Dog Burglars make it to the playoffs? Or will teams like Thai Iced Tea be able to kick them out? We will find out at the final qualifier, Saturday at 21:00 CET casted by SolidJake.

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