They're back: Illidan and Rehgar synergy resurfaces in light of recent buffs

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The old school "Best-friends-forever" combo that we haven't seen since Beta is looking to make a comeback. Time to dust off those Illidan skills.

They say a rising tide lifts all boats and, in the case of Rehgar buffs lifting the ignore Illidan out of competitive obscurity, this seems to hold true. Illidan was once a dominant force in Heroes of the Storm; his presence was so strong that entire teams were drafted around him. In the early Alpha and Beta, the then unsponsored Zuna made an early name for him self with his groundbreaking discovery of just how powerful "Illidonay" really was, pushing the hero to it's limits despite popular consensus that he was low tier.

But those days are over- or at least they were. Rehgar was always the go to healer to support Illidan in his prime thanks to Ancestral Healing and his high mobility allowing him to keep up with a diving Illidan. It's only natural that a mega-buffed Rehgar (and a slightly buffed Illidan) should meet once again and wreck entire teams together again.

These are 3 drafts that happened in the past couple days. The first two are from the Zotac Cup and the last draft from the Go4Heroes EU Finals. Keep in mind, we are coming from virtually zero Illidan games in the past months to now 3 of them just 3 days after the patch.

Can it be? Is the "in-too-deep" dive squad back together? I am both excited and terrified at the notion of Illidan drafts becoming viable again, but if anyone can make it happen, it's the new Rehgar.

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Are Rehgar and Illidan true BFF's?

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