Sake of MVP Black: 'Dignitas Gets the nod' for Most Respected Spring Championship Team

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If you have been following the professional HoTS scene, you are familiar with MVP Black. These are the guys who recently swept Team No Limit on two consecutive occassions. Cloud9 may hold the title of world champions, but many believe that Korea's number one is the team to beat. We talked with Lee "Sake" Jung Hyuk-- the home team's Captain and ranged assassin-- about what they've been doing to win, and what they plan to do to ensure that their title of "Number One" becomes Facebook official.


You have been dominating the other Korean teams in Super League. What did you do to prepare prior to the League starting?

We prioritized maximizing Rich's synergy with our team through a lot of scrims.

Recently you shut out TNL five games to none. What was your strategy going into that match?

The enemy teams have a tendency to ban their own priority picks against us, which is something we use as a base of strategies.

What team do you respect the most going into the Spring Global Championship? Why?

I think Dignitas gets the nod for that. EU is arguably the most difficult scene to play in, but they have managed to be number one in the scene.

Which region do you think currently has the strongest Heroes of the Storm competitive scene?

In general, I think that Europe does well overall. However, if you look at teams individually, then you can see that Asia has its gems of talent.

Does anyone on the team (or the team as a whole) have any interesting Pre-Game rituals? Especially for LAN events?

Nothing special happens before games. We just prepare bans and picks for days.

What do you think about the current meta? Which Heroes would you like to see taken from or added to it?

For tanks, it's still the same with the exception of Muradin. Heroes with higher objective control capacities are coming into the meta. A lot of time, clearing lanes is important. I wish Heroes like Greymane and Li Ming would emerge into the scene more often. The game does not require too many mechanics, so I wish the game was harder.

Who on the team do you feel is your strongest player? Why?

Sign is probably the most solid player on the team. He held our team together with his straightforward and solid personality.

When there are no events going on, what does your average day look like? How much time is spent practicing HoTS as a team? or individually?

We normally practice from 10 to 12 hours. There are lots of occassions when I think that Hero League is meaningless for our practice, so we just practice together.

The intensity that this team takes to Heroes of the Storm is immediately apparent. They have been on a tier of their own, making many other professional teams look like a group of casuals. Don't miss them this weekend as they bring all their firepower to the Spring Global Championship. You can read all about the upcoming awesomeness right here.

A big thank you to MVP Black for taking the time to answer our questions!

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Will MVP Black dominate the Spring Globals and take the trophy with ease?

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