Decklist spotlight: The decks of the ESL Legendary top 8 players

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Photo: ESL Twitter

Netdecking time! This is what the best eight players from the recent ESL Legendary Series finals brought to the $25,000 brawl in Burbank, California. 

Invasion of midrange Hunters as Face builds disappear and Handlocks are on the rise. Patron and Control Warrior go head to head. Flamewaker Mages machine-gunning people to death. Even Paladin gets a chance to shine as players like Lifecoach, Trump and Demigod chose to include it in their line-up.

You can find all 24 decks below. For more awesome Hearthstone decks, why not hop to our deck library and choose one yourself, or maybe even create one?


United States Demigod Mage Paladin Warrior
United States Domdus Druid Warlock Warrior
United States Kitkatz Hunter Warlock Warrior
Germany Lifecoach Druid • Paladin Warlock
United States Phonetap Druid Hunter • Shaman
United States Reynad Hunter Mage Warrior
Taiwan Roger Druid • Warlock Warrior
United States Trump Hunter • Paladin  Warlock

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