Card design contest, June: Win Hearthstone loot by designing early game legendaries

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The card design contest is back from its card back sabbatical and once again we're asking you to create awesome Hearthstone ideas. 




The "GosuGamers card design contest" is the easiest, funniest and most creative way to get Hearthstone loot! Each month, we issue a challenge for our readers and wait for awesome cards to arrive. At the end of the month, the most awesomest of awesome cards earn cool stuff for their creators!

Here's a breakdown of how each month of card design will go:

  • First day: New theme is announced and submission inboxes open.
  • 1st-20th: Submissions inbound! Send us your stuff so we can judge it.
  • 23rd: The GosuCrew reveals their top 20 cards. These go up for community voting.
  • 23-30st: Community voting!
  • Final day: Winners are announced. They can now brag to their friends how amazing they are and throw a Hearthstone pillow in their face.



June theme: Early game legendaries


"Limitation breeds creativity" are famous words by which game designers live. Some of the most intriguing cards in Hearthstone and other card games have been created when the minds behind it worked with small mana costs, attack/life restrictions, drawbacks, and so forth.

This month, we're challenging you to design an early game legendary card within those parameters:

Mana cost: Between 0 and 3
Rarity: Legendary
Card type: Any. Yes, you can make minions as well as weapons and even spells.
So that means... Exactly. Think cards like [card]Bloodmage Thalnos[/card], [card]Nat Pagle[/card], [card]Lorewalker Cho[/card], [card]King Mukla[/card], etc.



How to submit?


1) Use any card generator you want to design the card. It can be of any size and it needs to be in .png when you send it to us. Alternatively, you can also draw your design by hand, scan it and send it.

2) Send your card designs to radoslav [at] gosugamers [dot] net before June 15th

  • Subject must be Card Design Contest Submission
  • Cards must be sent as attachments!
  • Name of the attachment must be in the format of Card-Name-Here_YourName. Example: Undertaker-Sucks_RadoslavKolev
  • We also ask you to use your real name for the attachment file, to prevent multiple submissions by the same person.
  • If you don't want your real name published, please notify us via the above email adress when you submit your card design. If you already submitted your card and don't want your real name published, just send us a follow up email. Also don't forget to tell us an alternative name or internet handle we can put on your card!


3) Follow us on Twitter. It's not obligatory but we appreciate it. You can thus read when Nydra says something stupid and we make fun of him publically. 

4) The GosuCrew will vote independently for their favorite designs. The best 20 will be put up for community vote on June 23rd.

5) June 30th: The top three winners will be determined by community vote and will earn the following prizes:



Card back contest winners


Designing card backs was a visibly more difficult and time consuming task, and thus we received fewer submissions. Due to the limited number of designs you sent, the voting was done internally instead of community-wide like previous contests. This, however, will be the last and only exception - from now on, it's all card design time.

Meet the proud winner of the Hearthstone pillow, Kim Kanegusuke and his country flag themed card backs. He takes the prize not just for his great designs but for the fact that he made whole five of them.

Runner-up and bronze finalist are, respectively, Alva Durr with his Demonic card back and Olli and his Faerie Dragon 


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