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Beastcoast claim bragging rights in the SA DPC League after a 2-1 win over Thunder Predator

Dota 2 Siddharth “Gopya” Gopujkar

Beastcoast defeat Thunder Predator 2-1 to take a huge step in finishing at the top of the SA DPC League.

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The Singapore Major showed that the South American Dota 2 region is filled with potential waiting to burst when Thunder Predator took the tournament by storm. They nearly eliminated Team Secret and lost in a very close deciding game. But they weren’t the best team in South America in season 1 of the DPC Leagues. The top team, Beastcoast, couldn’t make it due to Covid-19 issues, and everyone can only imagine the chaos the SA teams would have caused if there had been two of them. Well, the two did face off against each other in season 2 of the SA DPC League to determine who currently is the best in the region with the new meta that has developed around Dota 2 patch 7.29. As it turns out, it is still Beastcoast! Even though Beastcoast weren’t able to get the experience of playing against teams from other regions in the Singapore Major, they have maintained their high standards going into the new patch, which they showed in their 2-1 win over their closest rivals, Thunder Predator.

Going into the series, both teams had a score of 3-0. Although the series went to a deciding game, none of the games were long drawn edge-of-the-seat contests. All three games ended between 25 to 30 minutes, with the team taking a sizable lead going on to win the game.

        Beastcoast vs Thunder Predator drafts (taken from Liquipedia)

The start of game 1 was a nightmare for Thunder Predator. They decided to put their Faceless Void against Beastcoast’s Juggernaut, but came up against a trilane. Juggernaut was 11/10 in creep stats when Void was still 0/0. But Thunder Predator managed to get the ball rolling and thanks to a lot of space created by their offlane Viper, got back into the game. The game was very even until the 21st minute, when Thunder Predator used all their skill synergies amazingly to come out ahead in a Roshan fight. After securing the Aegis, they didn’t let the advantage slip away and won the game in just under 29 minutes.

Game 1 net worth, experience and win probability graphs


Game 2 ended at a very similar time, but there was no evenness to the game. Beastcoast gauged their faults in the first game and made the required amends. Right from the beginning, the net worth lead crept to their side and just kept growing as the game went on. Thunder Predator had no answer for the Gyrocopter pick, who went 11/0/5, dominating from the laning stage.


Game 3 was a lot like game 1. It was even until a point, and one fight was the decisive factor. The moment came in the 18th minute, right after Beastcoast’s Phantom Lancer got a massive power spike after picking up his Diffusal Blade. In the fight that ensued, Thunder Predator were split up and could not find a way to bring the PL down. That was all Beastcoast needed to take control of the game and go ahead to win the series 2-1.

Game 3 net worth, experience and win probablity graphs


Although this win gives Beastcoast a clearer path to the top spot, they are nowhere in the clear. Both these teams are yet to play NoPing Esports, who themselves are 3-0 in the league and are more than capable of being a thorn in the side of the top two teams. Thunder Predator take on NoPing Esports on the 5th of May and result of that game could be a strong indicator on whether we will get to see Thunder Predator attempt another crazy run at the second DPC Major of the year or not.


Can Thunder Predator brush off this loss and make it to the second DPC Major of the year?

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