China prevails at MDL Chengdu Major

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

As the end of MDL Chengdu Major approaches, China has clinched two spots in the top three finishes so far. 

The home crowd couldn't have been any happier. In front of the rollicking mass of fans, two of China's representatives at MDL Chengdu Major made their nation and fans proud.

Invictus Gaming started off the day sweeping through J.Storm 2:0 to continue their lower bracket journey. The Summit 11 Minor championship team decimated the NA squad in the first game and despite a decent start for J.Storm in the second game, it took only one bad fight and fast item builds for iG to overwhelm them in the second match. 

In the upper brackets, Vici Gaming served TNC Predator their first loss (two to be exact) in the event. A surprise mid-lane last pick Huskar for ViCi Gaming threw a monkey wrench into TNC's plans and ViCi Gaming destroyed the SEA team in under 30 minutes. The second game TNC had taken much control of the majority of the game, but ViCi Gaming did their best to prolong the game to get their hero's online. Despite a 20k gold lead, TNC couldn't close things out and eventually, ViCi Gaming was able to seize the barracks and throne. Their victory slid them into the grand finals for a clear shot at the first Major trophy of the DPC 2019-2020 season. 

iG were up once again, this time to face off against the NA giants Evil Geniuses. iG absolutely shellacked EG in the first match up, but EG aren't ones to take things lightly. The second match they paid it back fully with a stomp of their own and tied up the series. Massive team fight potential and an early lead gave iG all of the tools and space they needed to easily claim the last game and the series, moving into the top three position and once again advancing further into the lower bracket finals. 

MDL Chengdu Major Teams


Europe Team Liquid

China Vici Gaming

China Team Aster



CISTeam Spirit


Philippines TNC Predator

Philippines Team Adroit

United States Evil Geniuses

United States Fighting Pandas

United States J.Storm 

Peru beastcoast

Peru Team Unknown

China Invictus Gaming

MDL Chengdu Major Main Event Format

16 team Double Elimination with 8 starting in Lower Bracket

Bo1 matches for 1st round of the lower bracket

Bo5 finals

Bo3 every other game

MDL Chengdu Major prize pool and point distribution


Prize pool










Evil Geniuses



5-6 J.Storm 



5-6 Team Liquid



7-8 beastcoast



7-8 Alliance



9-12 Fighting Pandas



9-12 Fnatic



9-12 Team Aster



9-12  EHOME



13-16 Gambit



13-16 Team Spirit



13-16 Team Adroit



13-16 Team Unknown



MDL Chengdu Major

MDL is holding it's 10th iteration of events in Chengdu, Sichuan on November 16-24th. This is the first Major of the season for teams on the road to TI2020. Sixteen teams —15 teams determined via qualifiers and the lucky winner of the BTS Dota Summit Minor —are batteling it out for the lion's share of the $1,000,00,000 prize pool and 15,000 DPC points.





Will iG overpower TNC to create an all Chinese grand finals?

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Thank you for voting!
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