Four teams have secured spots for ESL One Mumbai 2019 from EU, NA, SEA and China

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Four more teams are now packing their bags and booking their tickets for ESL One Mumbai 2019 as the regional qualifiers have come to a close. 

Regional qualifiers were held over the last few days for EU/CIS, SA/NA, China, and SEA. Only four teams from each region were given the opportunity to compete for one of the limited qualifier spots for India's first premier LAN. 

In SEA, the favorite team ended up reigning supreme as expected. TNC Predator overpowered all three of their other opponents, defeating a lesser known Vietnamese team in the grand finals 3:1. 

Keen Gaming cruised through the playoffs to close things out with a spectacular 3:0 victory over RNG in the grand finals. 

After much re-shuffling of teams for the EU/CIS qualifier, The Pango who had replaced Alliance dominated the brackets. They clinched their place at the main event with a 3:1 victory over Team Jekich, a stack filled with CIS veterans. 

Lastly, in the NA/SA region, it was J.Storm that prevailed in the end. The North American squad went undefeated throughout the entire playoff brackets, taking down Jacky "EternalEnvy" Mao's stack, Flying Penguins twice. 

The four teams will be joining compLexityGambit EsportsAlliance, and Ninjas in Pyjamas at the main event next month. 

One last team will be qualifying; representatives from India are currently locking horns to gain the honor to play against the top dogs on their local playing field. Three more teams will be directly invited with announcements expected in the near future. 

ESL One Mumbai 2019

Twelve teams will be competing for a slice of the $300,000 prize pool April 19-21st. There will be seven directly invited teams and the five qualified teams from NA, EU/CIS, China, SEA, and India.


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