Evil Geniuses receive the only invite to GESC Jakarta Minor

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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Evil Geniuses have been bestowed with the only direct invite to the upcoming GESC Jakarta Minor in March. The other seven teams will be determined via qualifiers.

GESC has revealed plans to move forward with their Minor scheduled to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia March 15-18th. The event will be the first major LAN event for the region with the largest prize pool offered in the country to date. As with all Minors in the Pro Circuit, the competition will feature a $300,000 prize pool and 300 TI8 qualifying points.

Originally the event was one of four from the tournament organizers to take place in the APAC region, however last month the Minor scheduled for Singapore January 12-14th and the one in Malaysia March 2-4th were both postponed indefinitely "due to factors beyond our control".

The Minor in Jakarta is still in full swing with the first and only invite going to Evil Geniuses, who have confirmed their participation. A total of eight teams will compete, six qualifying from the various regions and one team from Indonesia having the honor of earning a spot among the Dota 2 giants through a special regional qualifier for local teams.

The first two days of the event are not open to the public, but the last two days will be held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD City. ICE is the largest convention center in the country and has hosted notable concerts and events since opening in 2015. Tickets for the event will be announced forthcoming. 

GESC: Indonesia


Do you agree with EG as the only direct invite?

No, its an odd choice
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I'm more shocked about the Indonesian qualifier
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Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani
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  • Gosuck "Gosuckzgamerz" Gosuckgamers ,
    "I'm more shocked about the Indonesian qualifier". WOW. That is insulting. Remember when Philippines held a dota 2 event they also made a special qualifier for their local teams. I know all Indonesian dota 2 teams are bad and hopeless against world class teams, but since the event will be played in Indonesia ofc the country needs to have a representative. This SHITTY writer is Cristy Ramadani, sounds like Indonesian or Malaysian name even though she's hiding behind american flag. I wouldn't be surprised if she's malaysian. But if you're Indonesian, shame on you, bitch.
    • Bear "TheBearEmperor" God ,
      yeah... i agree the poll is pretty insulting, trying to be funny is alright but AOE'ing a whole country in the process is pretty bad mannered considering indonesia was able to produce some pretty OK teams like RRQ in the past..
    • Reski "Reaumur" Hidayat ,
      No, I'm Indonesian and i'm not agree with that special qualifier. Philippines do the same because they still have some team who can still compete against world class team. But, not for Indonesians. That's pretty embarrassing to watch a team from your country will be insulted by people. Don't you think this is so embarrassing when people make this joke in this thread? This joke is representation if that special qualifier will happened for real!
  • John "Mightypapa" Doe ,
    ROFL. EG direct invite over other teams. What a joke of a tournament.
    • Reski "Reaumur" Hidayat ,
      Special rule is more joke than EG direct invite. They invite EG because Indonesia have a lot fanboy of EG and NAVI


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