Fnatic end their Manila Major adventure

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Although Team Liquid had to play two best-of-three series on the fourth day of Manila Major playoffs, that didn’t stop them mopping the floor with both of their adversaries.

After eliminating NA’VI in the first matchup of the day, Team Liquid closed proceedings at the Mall of Asia Arena with another clean 2-0 victory, this time against the live audience favorites, Fnatic.

Game One

The series started with the typical push strategy from Liquid, who also made sure that they had the upper hand in team fights with a Disruptor. Kills were traded all over the map during the laning stage as both teams tried to hunt down and disrupt each other’s jungler but when the ten minute mark hit, Liquid gathered upon the bottom lane a and forced the first 5v5 fight to take the tier one tower. From there on they continued to move as one individual, took the first Roshan 16 minutes into the game and wiped out Fnatic four minutes later.

Despite great efforts from the Malaysian team to keep a grip on the game, they lost another big clash mid lane when Axe found a very good Blink - Call  initiation on three Liquid heroes, but that transitioned immediately into disaster as Disruptor was able to catch Fnatic with the Kinetic Field-Static Storm combo and enabled his team to get another four kills.

As game progressed Roshan became a walk in the park for Liquid and the Amplify Damage from Slardar made the high ground offense extremely easy for his team. After losing two lanes of barracks in one push Fnatic admitted their defeat and called out the GG.

Game Two

The Lycan was the first to be taken out of the picture by Fnatic in the banning phase of the second game but even so, Liquid had their back up plan. They firstly picked Lifestealer and paired it with Riki and yet another Slardar for the infest bomb threat.

The silence - initiation power of the infested Riki, followed by Lion’s control spells, proved to be too much even for the tanky Medusa and Liquid started to build huge lead really early into the game. Continuously hunted down and forced to play very defensively, Fnatic had no chance at making a comeback. By the 30 minute mark Liquid gather a 30K gold advantage and was unstoppable. Not even a perfect Swap on the Dire high ground on the Lifestealer, while he was in the Rosh Pit, was enough to kill him, despite being isolated from his team. Instead it was Fnatic who lost three heroes and with that two set of barracks. After taking the objectives Liquid resumed their initial Roshan attempt but got contested again, this time Fnatic getting wiped and calling the GG immediately after.

Team Liquid’s journey will continue tomorrow, June 11th in the lower bracket semifinals where they will play the winner between LGD and MVP.


Who will be Liquid’s next opponent?

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  • Prince "StonEZ" Ton ,
    I feel sad for Mushi's teammates. He's been raping their dreams with his drafts in main events since that TI3 loss. I guess he never really recovered and is traumatised to this day even kicking Net so he can participate and make sure he drags his teammates down on this LAN.
  • jonathan "Lazyguyzz" Siew ,
    Agreed, in order to qualified Ti4 he kick out Kecik Imba from invasion in order to increase his new team chances, aka team malaysia to get direct invite (favorable compared to mineski in 2015). and He kick out Yamateh from team Titan, then he grab 343 (captain) from Yamateh team (Team 123) and now he kick out Net during the last minute of TI5. He basically dissolved all the good teams in SEA so his team can get direct invite to TI5 without going through qualifier. This player is pure MUSHIT. His solo mid and hero pool is no longer suit the new meta and he cant even play any other role really well in pro scene. 3 play maker in Fnatics. Midone, Ohaiyo and Dj. He is basically wat we call in MMR parasite player. (hitch hike) for glory. Well, i'm fine if a person use his hardwork and skills earn the place in Ti rather than this dirty trick behind the scene
  • Antivirus "lsdstoned" North ,
    I thought it was 322 when Mushi played Sven in game 1. Of course it's not, but then Mushi is a real drawback. Players like MidOne and others in Fnatic can definitely match with tier 1 teams, if they have strong draft and no weak players. I like Fnatic, but I don't see what they can do. They have to play with this roster in TI6, I hope Mushi will mute his ego and do what is really best for his team, he must rely on them only, and other 4 players will win him the game.
    • Prince "StonEZ" Ton ,
      Draft is a really big problem for them. And what i've noticed is the closer to winning an event they are the more questionable their draft become. Winners semi-final game 1 we see him on SF that took a lot of farm but provided nothing to anything because SF sux this patch sadly. then game 2 he drafts so bad DJ ends up playing pos 5 VS and him on a lanaya that played very risky early and end up feeding. Smh
  • le "iamdoa12" anh hao ,
    it's easily to realize that's cause they met some one better, some one stronger, not the choking one...That's liquid the last top team stand high after shanghai major, they really strong, remember that...Don't just blame without thinking, and it's 343 draft and calling in FN team, noob. haizz don't know what's in yah heads
  • le "iamdoa12" anh hao ,
    And can you guys show me who, where, when can play better then Mushi to remove him? Net?Kyxy? any Pinoy? pffff, what's a joke, talk is easily. so you guys just talk
    • Prince "StonEZ" Ton ,
      So what you're telling me 343, what a lot of people consider a solid drafter, would pick a RISKY BADLY NERFED SF IN THIS PATCH, IN THIS META, IN A SEMI-FINALS AGAINST ONE OF THE FAVORITES of NewBee(currently ranked 2 IN THE WORLD FYI)? Although I do not have evidence it takes only a little brain power to know that Mushi "called the shot" to this and not 343. Their previous line-up was strong so having Net to replace Mushi doesn't sound so bad. This is a Dota2 discussion thread by the community about Fnatic so obviously people would tak about this subject. I don't know what you want us to talk about here if not that. It's sad that not everyone in the community has anything to add(LIKE YOU) but there are those that actually want discuss and contribute to this thread.


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