rOtK and Cty supposedly to join BurNing at Vici Gaming

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During today’s stream on huomaotv, Chen 'Cty' Tianyu, former EHOME member, broke the news of him joining Vici Gaming.

The Shanghai Major after-match shuffle comes with huge moves in the Chinese scene, which should not be exactly surprising given their catastrophic failure in terms of team performances at the recently ended event.

After EHOME was first to announce the acquisition of the all time Vici Gaming support player Lu 'Fenrir' Chao, now it’s their ex carry, Chen 'Cty' Tianyu's time to make his own announcement via his stream. Firstly he changed his name on huomaotv to vg.cty and he revealed the information of him joining VG during a voice chat conversation with Xu 'BurNing' Zhilei, later on they were joined by Bai 'rOtk' Fan, currently listed as a LGD Gaming member.

While still in Shanghai, rOtK made a weibo post on 5th of March stating the following:

I will regroup with my old friends and return to where we started. In order to reach our goals we have to remember our promises at the beginning. I want to apologize to the fans of LGD for the disappointment we've shown in the past six months. Everyone is flaming me and telling me to retire, but I still really want to play professionally, which is why I'm going to continue my journey. Chinese Dota and my Dota are still alive.

Judging by this statement corroborated with the small chat he had with BurNIng and Cty, the “old friends” should be Vici Gaming, the organisation with which he reached second place at The International 4, the highest placement at a Valve event in his entire career.

However, neither Vici Gaming nor LGD Gaming released any sort of official statements for the Spring Shuffle.

Source: cty’s stream, weibo


If Cty is joining Vici Gaming, who should carry the team?

In BurNIng we trust!
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Cty’s Ursa, best Ursa!
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  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    poor burning with rotk again. bye bye dream to win a valve tournament cty is a better carry than burning now... aggresive, precise, extremely high skilled and making space for the team. he probably gonna back to mid position.
    • Hao "IAM_Haoooooooooooo" Ding ,
      ROTK got 2nd in TI4, while birning's best result at valbe events is 4th
      • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
        VG lost to DK every single time they face each other between TI3 and TI4. The only time that VG beat DK in an offical tournament was TI4. don't expect these 2 can work well together
        • Frederik "archyo" A ,
          What? It is well known that Burning and rotk are good friends, they played on DK for 2 years together before rotk went to VG. They also played together on Big God together later. Burning - cty - rotk - fy - mmy? I think it looks like a solid team, if Burning can get his shit together of course
          • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
            Poor Super, already preemptively kicked for Fy.
          • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
            the problem with burning is that the past team he was in was too "burning" centric, and lack of good captainship. Rotk put too much emphasis on burning, first picking spectre for burning in critical match against alliance and got rekt etc... The DK time was his prime, it was the time when eastern carries were much more superior to western ones. but they couldn't trust mushi (ethic problem), imo mushi had the best picks overall for the 2014 DK, even lamn is inconsistent at times. Now the new generation of carry such as EE, miracle, artezzy, cty, aggresif are better than burning. Veterans like rotk only has 600 games on his main account, and while he has great leadership, his draft and decision making was pretty subpar... i mean, i dont expect someone dont play pubs have next level understanding of hero match up, new version etc. not mentioning his in game skill... the old VG were pretty solid, Fy is a decent drafter, and burning is willing to put trust on him.. with arrival of rotk, i dont think rotk can draft better than Fy, but the team may end up listening to him (as captain) instead of fy.
            • Frederik "archyo" A ,
              rotk is ony 23 years old, envy for example is 24. chinese players never played many pubs because they practice so much, if you play scrims for 6-10 hours everyday I assume anyone would be tired of dota and not play so many pubs. A lot of chinese pro players only play pubs because they have to stream x amount of hours each week. It is very different in the west where many top players considers pubs practice and they only scrim right before a tournament. One of the only teams in the west who live in their team house is Complexity. Alliance only bootcamps in their teamhouse right before a tournament and EG never uses theirs because they don't really believe in scrimming in NA I think the problem is the Shanghai Major being too close to the Chinese New Year as well as internal issues in the top chinese teams. EHOME and LGD had a lot of internal issues. I think cty left EHOME because him and lanm just couldn't get a long
              • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
                I don't know aobut Lanm and Cty dont' get along, their Lyon Ursa combination saved a losing game against CDEC at Shanghai. Definitely the short preparation time has made the Chinese teams perform bad at Shanghai, but the reason EHOME got eliminated early was partly the gambling DS draft for Cty in a one-game lower bracket match against Alliance. Anyway, both EHOME and VG got peculiar compositions now. I like EHOME's new line-up, and I would like to see more variations come from them. As for VG, I can't imagine how their team will be. Without Fy and Fenrir, VG has basically lost their trademark from the past 2 years.
                • Frederik "archyo" A ,
                  LaNM has several times stated that he felt EHOME was a kindergarten and that it was hard keeping them all in check. I think it was easier to keep them focused when they had rotk because LaNM doesn't strike me as a natural leader.
                  • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
                    ah yeah found some sources on that. Well we have 2 suppossedly vets on EHOME now lets see how the kindergarten will be!


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