Moscow, the Dota 2 Epicenter, this May with a $500,000 LAN event

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Epic Esports Events presents Epicenter,a new tournament for the Dota 2 professional scene that features a $500, 000 prize pool for the first edition, and eight teams from around the world battling for the title at the LAN event held in Moscow, Russia at the beginning of May.

Taking place at one of the greatest concert halls in Russia, Crocus City Hall, Epicenter will bring the best Dota 2 teams to Moscow, Russia from 9th to 15th May this year to compete for a share at the $500, 000 prize pool, which right now is the largest prize money up for grabs outside Valve’s sponsored tournaments.

Six directly invited teams will be joined by two more that will come through a heavy qualifier process.

Teams attending Epicenter #1:

United States Evil Geniuses
Europe Team Secret
Europe OG
Russia Virtus.Pro
Sweden Alliance

The race for the two spots available at the Epicenter LAN event will start next week, on March 9th with open qualifiers for Europe, CIS and America. The open qualifiers will be held via FACEIT and will not allow the teams that already registered with a roster to use stand ins. So make sure all your teammates are available on the date and time set for the games and register your team by following the links below:

Europe sign-ups can be done here
America sign-ups can be done here
CIS sign-ups can be done here

Open qualifiers finalists from each region will advance into the closed regional qualifiers where six other teams will receive a direct invite. The winner of each closed regional qualifier will be invited to Moscow, with all expenses paid to play each other on May 9th for the two spots at the Epicenter LAN playoffs.

However, ahead of the LAN event, on 10th and 11th of May, a group stage will be played in order to determine the playoffs upper/lower bracket seeds. The group stage will take place at one of the best-rated hotels in Moscow, behind closed doors - but all the games will be broadcast online. Similar to the Dota 2 Majors format, the top two teams from each group will start the LAN main event from the upper bracket positions while the bottom two teams from each group will advance into the lower bracket.

Starting May 12th and ending on May 15th the LAN playoffs will be played at the 6, 000 seat Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia. Tickets for the live audience will go on sale at the beginning of April.

source: epicevents.gg


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  • Denis "Xador" Sydarev ,
    hahah, ehome invite was just a joke, right?
  • Boris "Elmo1191" Balev ,
    Man that trailer is pretty hype. Tournament just announced, still looks much better than Shanghai Major :D
  • Majid "misterluve" Ali ,
    another tournament! im loving it!
  • justin "justiins" CC ,
    I love this trailer. I hope everything will be okay with tournament.
  • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
    the trailer was dope! On the same note maybe Valve would consider doing a CIS region Majors in the future? I mean SLTV is one of the good production team nin CIS
  • Sohail "GT-R" Raisi ,
    this Event intro alone is making Shanghai Majors Look Sh*t :D
  • Vpgame Bet "vpgbb" Assistant ,
    Censored by GosuCrew


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