DotaPit # 4 LAN: All team lineup is set in stones

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

With Team Empire grabbing the last qualifier spot, all the eight teams that will participate at the first LAN event of DotaPit are now known.

Although this is the fourth season of DotaPit, this year the tournament will hold its first-ever LAN main event. Nearly one month is left until Spaladium Arena will open the gates for fans and competitors alike. The double elimination LAN event is scheduled to take place March 19-20 in one of the most popular tourist destination of Croatia, Split.

Participating teams:

United States Evil Geniuses ( direct invite)
Europe OG ( direct invite)
Europe Team Secret ( direct invite)
Russia Virtus.Pro ( direct invite)
Korea MVP.Phoenix (SEA qualifiers)
United States compLexity Gaming (America qualifiers)
Ukraine Natus Vincere (EU qualifiers)
Russia Team Empire (EU qualifiers)

The prize pool for the event started at $100, 000 but thanks to the community support has now reached $182,597 and it can still be increased via Treasure of the Cherished Hoard purchases.

Possible drops from Treasure of the Cherished Hoard:

Bloodroot Guard for Phantom Assassin by Nateo
Broken Scale for Anti-Mage by Nateo
Crimson Beast for Earthshaker by Mister Foster
Falconside Armor for Windranger by vick0
Utter Eradication for Timbersaw by Mister Foster
Arcane Defiance for Rubick by leshiy (very rare drop)

Andreea “divushka” Esanu
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  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    I am not even in the mood to watch this...No EHOME no VG no Newbee need we say more.I really don't see how EG/TS/OG don't make top 3.It would be a true definition of throw...At least Empire vs Navi would to be nice to compare them.VP's just weak without illidanGood Practice for MVP and American teams just suck.Play pro on group stage then gets knocked hard in play offs...
    • "Asjo" ,
      That's a bit bleak, mate. This Virtus.Pro line-up beat both OG and Team Secret at The Summit 4. Also, despite a few teams being favorites, I don't see how you can rule out an upset. The other teams are definitely good enough that it wouldn't have to be a "throw" for that to happen.
  • Prima "Mary.Elizabeth" Mawitjere ,
    easy money for EG..
    • "Asjo" ,
      Well, they are looking really good at the moment. I think Team Secret will be back in form, though, and beat them.
  • Hassan "Imnotgonnawin" Jamal ,
    If there would be a one chinese team Either Ehome ov Vici tournament would be epic but still its a good tournament


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