Team Evil Geniuses and Team Secret Advance to the Upper Bracket Finals

Dota 2 Ernest “ernest429” Yim

The third day of the Frankfurt Major main event concluded with Team Evil Geniuses and Team Secret advancing to the upper bracket finals, guaranteed top three.

The first series of the upper bracket was the rematch of The International 5 grand finals. Although CDEC Gaming looked extremely strong this tournament they once again fell short against the American titans. With outplays and out-drafts across two games, Team Evil Geniuses was able to take the series with a 2:0 score. Some audiences have doubted EG’s performance at ESL One New York, but their swift victory against one of the strongest current teams in China seemed to have proven themselves to still be one of the top teams in the world.

The second upper bracket series was arguably the most anticipated series yet at the Frankfurt Major with Vici Gaming facing off against Team Secret, replicating the Nanyang Grand Finals. Although VG managed to take game one off Team Secret, they came back strong and ended game two and three in less than one hour. With Team Secret advancing, there will be no Chinese teams left in the upper bracket.

Although today we saw the gruesome brawl of the upper bracket survivors, tomorrow will be the last stand of the teams in the lower bracket. While EG and Team Secret will have a chance to rest and observe their potential opponents, Virtus Pro, OG, LGD, EHOME and CDEC will fight for a chance to advance further in the tournament in the lower bracket tomorrow. The upper bracket match will resume on November 20th.

November 19, Thursday, 10:30 CET Virtus Pro vs. OG
November 19, Thursday, 14:30 CET LGD vs. EHOME
November 19, Thursday, 17:30 CET CDEC Gaming vs. TBD

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  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    seems like things haven't change this year... TS and EG are still the two strongest team. followed by the top Chinese teams...
    • Eric "sorrowhillx" xxx ,
      how does STILL apply to TS?
      • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
        or puppey's team... the story of this year has been TS vs EG since DAC... VG really struggles in drafting stage against puppey & ppd...
      • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
        Secret won 4 lans in a row before TI5 and were the most dominant team and favourites going into TI5.. they just had bad performance there, but were still top 3-4 team in the world.
        • Glenn "Kronox88" Rawley ,
          And at that time they had a completely different roster so to say that Team Secret has been one of the strongest teams all year is weird, because it has basically been two different teams.
        • Eric "sorrowhillx" xxx ,
          the only thing people will remember is they were 3rd at DAC and 7th at TI. 4 lanes in a row? wHo cAeRs LMaO
          • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
            You're just an ignorant fool who knows nothing about dota, I would refrain from commenting because you are clearly uninformed.
  • Le "Sakutaro_csgo" Tam ,
    WP Vici Gaming, they can still comeback from lower bracket, they are not done yet. I think Chinese teams can form a better dream line up.


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