Mineski defeats EHOME securing a spot in the Upper Bracket

Dota 2 Ernest “ernest429” Yim

The final game of group D was a decider between the Chinese team EHOME and the South East Asia powerhouse Mineski. The winner of this game will head straight into the upper bracket.

Game One

Mineski’s lineup was a fusion between split pushing and mid game team fight. It had the Ember Spirit, Dark Seer and Dazzle team fight combination, and the late game potential with the addition of Phantom Lancer. On the other side, EHOME’s lineup aimed to end the game in the mid game with an aggressive duo of Spirit Breaker and Undying. The laning phase did not go well for EHOME as their safe lane was demolished by the aggressive tri-lane from Mineski. Although EHOME slightly recovered, their lineup advantage began to fade 20 minutes into the game. PL became a huge problem for the Chinese squad. 25 minutes in EHOME tried to retaliate the situation with a smoke gank, but with a glorious snowball save from Tusk, Mineski turned the fight with ease and team wiped EHOME. By minute 34, Mineski’s gold advantage was too significant for EHOME to recover from. EHOME’s vision over the map has been severely narrowed due to the constant split-push of Ember Spirit and Phantom Lancer. With this advantage Mineski easily secured Roshan. After a swift fight on the bottom lane high ground siege they led the series 1:0

Game Two

EHOME’s lineup in game two revolved around the tankiness of Viper and the AOE protection from the supports with the addition of Slark’s mobility. Where Mineski stuck to their aggressive playstyle drafting a heavy armor reduction lineup of Slardar and Templar Assassin, aiming to melt down heroes of EHOME. The laning phase was fairly stale until Lina and Tusk’s rotation in mid five minutes in which resulted in a triple kill for Old Chicken’s Viper. After the transition into the mid game, Mineski was able to slightly recover from the early upsets with two Blink Daggers from Slardar and TA. 17 minutes in, EHOME hoped to secure Roshan with their slight advantage but Mineski caught on and immediately smoked to the Roshan pit and killed off all five heroes on the side of EHOME abusing the double blink of TA and Slardar. 22 minutes in, with an unexpected Black King Bar from TA, EHOME’s confidence was shattered as they were once again team wiped due to the explosive DPS from all heroes on the side of Mineski. 27 minutes, with the huge advantage Mineski began to siege high ground. EHOME were in no position to defend this push and Mineski defeated EHOME 2:0 in dominant fashion. With the unexpected defeat from EHOME, Mineski secured themselves a spot in the Upper Bracket.


Will Mineski make top 4 of the Frankfurt Major?

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  • Louis "OrioN950" Tomlinson ,
    Mineski = SEA Pride , Fnatic = SEA Trash
    • damien "rikimage88" marley ,
      dont say that..please support sea team! mineski= sea pride fnatic = sea pride also..lets unite dont riot!ahahaha
      • Pablo "underthunder" Cesar ,
        good point, better hope that fnatic get better and next maybe fnatic and mineski top contenders for 4 top
    • Efraim "ebgv" Villanueva ,
      come on dude. Team Fnatic is good. trash team are from Indonesia ,Vietnam and Thailand.
      • darren berg "theslayers" sillero ,
        +1 for you man , those losers sure are racist . . . tsk . .
        • Jason "forlorned" Dolorso ,
          and you are not? saying they're racist kinda makes you one. Oh the irony
      • Ian "Swamp" Dominic ,
        Don't be racist dude
      • mario "marioptit" nguyen ,
        well done, this kind of words will help Mineski and Flatic lose a lot of sea fan, include vietnam, thailand, indo. wp bro
        • Ai "Sorrynomore" Weiei ,
          Don't be fooled. That slayers and ebgv are are not from Philippines. They are just hiding in Philippine flag trying to ruin SEA teams. They might be chinese. They try to divide SEA people. In fact, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia are friends.
    • Dmitry "Nesaj" ,
      Racist? they are all one race.


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