ESL Seeding : C9, [A] Out; Secret, VP in last round

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

The day started with a small delay due to PC problems but it has been very entertaining so far. EG, Alliance, Cloud9 and Fnatic dropped to the lower bracket while iG, Secret, Virtus.Pro and VG moved onto the upper bracket. C9 and Alliance have already been eliminated from the seeding bracket. 

The day started with a matchup between Evil Genuises and Invictus Gaming. C9 who were playing with a stand-in didn't do well and were eventually eliminated from the seeding bracket.  

EG were small favorites coming in and the game featured a lot of crazy team fights and massive combos. The other matchups went as expected, iG were dominant from the start but EG turned the game on its head with their Naga Sleep into Requiem of Souls and Freezing Field Combo. But that wasn't enough to deter the Chinese heavyweights who eventually won the game. This has been the best game so far, so definitely check it out. 

The teams that have dropped to the lower bracket can only acheive a third seed. The LB featured a matchup between Evil Genuises vs Alliance follwed by Fnatic vs Cloud9. EG beat Alliance on the back of the SumaiL Tinker and an unkillable Bristleback, consequently Alliance was eliminated from the SB as well.

In the same round,Fnatic upset Cloud9; eliminating them from the seeding bracket and securing themselves a meeting against EG in the next round. 

In the upper bracket Secret matched up against Invictus Gaming, beating them handedly with a cheesy position one Bloodseeker. In the other UB game, Virtus.Pro surprised Vici Gaming and they have moved to the final round of the upper bracket. They'll be facing Team Secret which can be a very close match, considering both teams look great so far.

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