MarsTV announces 2015 League with LAN finals and $322,000 prizepool

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The international MarsTV 2015 League will kick-off on May 7th, with the online Chinese qualifiers. Eight invited Chinese teams will fight over $80,000, as well as four spots in the tournament's LAN finals in June. The main event will feature four Chinese and four international teams competing in Shanghai for over $320,000 in prize money.

After the very successful MarsTV League in 2014, the Chinese streaming provider returns with a brand new international competition in 2015. The tournament will be divided into two phases, online and offline. The online portion will have a RMB 500,000 prizepool ($80,000) and will include eight directly invited teams from China. While it can also be considered a standalone tournament, the online league will also serve as the Chinese qualifier for the competition's main event.

The main event of MarsTV League 2015 will be held in Shanghai, China, and will feature the top four competitors of the Chinese qualifier, as well as four international teams. The organizers have announced an initial RMB1,500,000 ($322,000) prizepool, which will be boosted by the sales of the tournament's DotaTV ticket. We still have no information regarding the selection process for the four international squads, but they will most likely receive a direct invitation to the main event. 

The online qualifiers are scheduled to begin on May 7th, while the main event will take place from June 3rd through 7th. All the matches will be broadcast exclusively on HuoMaoTV. As mentioned above, a DotaTV ticket will also be available for those who wish to support the tournament. 

Invited Chinese teams:
China LGD
China ViCi Gaming
China Invictus Gaming
China HyperGloryTeam
China Tongfu
China CDEC
China NewBee

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