DK and CDEC finalize rosters

Posted by Yipeng "EDooley" Wang at 16 March 2015 00:30

Both CDEC and DK announced their new rosters today, just before the ACE transfer deadline. InJuly, Super and nai have been signed by DK, while Shiki and Xz have joined CDEC. CDEC will make their tournament debut this week in the qualifiers of D2CL#5.

Team DK

DK did retain two of the more promising players from their young squad, Chen 'CTY' Tianyu and Liionly-Black.  They have also announced the transfer of  former LGD player Yang 'Injuly' Xiaodong and former LaiGaming player Su "Super" Peng.  The surprising addition to the team is the relatively unknown former U.5 player Huang 'Nai' Hao.  He will be the team's new carry player. 

Team DK current roster : 

China Chen 'Cty' Tianyu
China Yang 'InJuly' Xiaodong
China Su 'Super' Peng
China Huang 'Nai' Hao
China Liionly-Black.z


On the other hand, CDEC have bid farewell to their former captain Lu 'Maybe' Yao and coach Tong 'Mikasa' Junjie.  It was announced earlier CDEC have purchased the rights of former LaiGaming player Chen 'Xz' Zezhi for 60,000 RMB (about $10,000).  Former IMG and New Element player Shiki 两仪落was also purchased for the fee of 100,000 RMB (about $15,000).  The transfers were made with respect to ACE guidelines. The new roster will debut today, March 16th, in the match against Energy Pacemaker for the qualifiers of D2CL#5.

Team CDEC current roster :

China Liu 'Garder' Xinzhou
China Sun 'xh' Zheng
China Zhang 'Q-HHH' Yi
China Chen 'Xz' Zeshi
China Shiki


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