Caster 'PC cold' teams up with BurNIng and rOtk

Dota 2 Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

The team formerly known as 'Old Men' are forced to change their name as they pick up the female caster known as PC cold. The new name of the team will be 'Big God' and consists of players such as LaNm, BurNIng, Xiao8 and rOtk.

ROtk posted on his Weibo that the team originally known as Old Men now is called Big God. The team has since before consisted of no other than LaNm, BurNIng, Xiao8, iceice and rOtk himself, most of which were part of top tier teams in the past but retired since. Now they welcome known female caster PC cold to the team.

PC cold gets a regular amount of over 10,000 viewers on her stream, she was also the caster known to crack to tears when Tongfu was eliminated at The International 3. On top of that she was casting the recent The International 4 together with Danche and has since then casted some alongside BurNIng and rOtk such as the NEST matches of this week.

One of the reasons for the team now known as Big God to pick up a sixth player is because of the ACE regulations around Xiao8 who still is under ACE's contract after signing with NewBee for two years. Since then, Xiao8 has retired but the contract still stands, resulting in him not being allowed to play for another team other than NewBee in ACE competitions until the contract is over.

Source: Weibo, Game21 (photo)
Translation and infy by: Edooley

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