Mouz gets the invitation to TI3 after overpowering DD

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[team]mousesports[/team] got the well-deserved invitation to The International 3, after their 3-1 victory against [team]ddDota[/team]. Both teams fought valiantly, leading up to the extremely last game that sealed the deal for the Germans.


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Today's matches


[Match 1] Mouz vs DD.Dota

Game one

DD decided to run a surprising Razor, to lane against Mouz's Lone Druid. The action began as soon as the trilanes got in place. Mouz decided go against 7ckingMad's Bane. All six heroes engaged in a big fight, but DD managed to control paS's Rubick, giving Goblak the first blood. Mouz answered a minute later, when they assaulted Goblak. SyndereN's Earth Split missed, unfortunately, causing his demise. Silent got picked off as well.

Mousesports were extremely aggressive during the lane phase. With five minutes on the clock, 7ckingMad rotated with a Smoke of Deceit, to help DD pressure Mousesports harder. However, the Germans anticipated his move, and caught DD offguard, killing the whole trilane, turning the score into 4-2. A minute later, they managed to get two more kills in Bane and Chaos Knight, showing complete domination in the trilane.

DD kept trying to find kills, but their mistakes and bad decision making kept producing uneven trades. Before the first 10 minutes, Mouz had already managed to build a 5.000 gold advantage, and an equal experience advantage as well. The things got even worse five minutes later - DD tried to smoke gang against Black, who saw through their plan and carefully placed himself near his tier-one tower. DD did not back off in time, and wandered aimlessly in the Radiant forest, until Mouz used their teleports. The Germans caught DD in an extremely bad position, and managed to get four kills for a 4-1 fight, only commiting Rubick in return. The kills kept coming for the Radiant for the next minute, with DD unable to react.

Mousesports were miles in front of DD by minute 20. The last fight took place a little oustide DD's base. Goblak got picked off extremely fast, with 7ckingMad following him to the grave. Mouz got their first set of barracks in 22 minutes, meeting no resistance - DD called the gg shortly after.


Game two

Attempting to reverse the game score, DD opted for safety with the renowned combination of Keeper of the Light and Phantom Lancer. The teams decided not to fight early, with every hero starting the game in their respective lane. The first blood was eventually scored by Silent, when he caught SyndereN's Lina out of position, taking her down with a Spirit Lance/Illuminate nuke combo.

As in the previous game, the clashes were pretty intense in the trilane. The trades, however, were pretty even, with Silent being able to kill SyndereN several times, but qojqva's Lifestealer scoring kills as well. Mouz's trilane, aided by FATA, seemed to be in an advantage. Nevertheless, Silent's farm was pretty steady despite the huge pressure.

With a quarter in the game, DD decided to amplify their offensiveness, and assaulted the top lane, where Mouz defense awaited for an attack. Silent, getting behind Mouz, nuked down the wounded Black's Gyrocopter. However, FATA chased him and took him down, turning the fight in favor of Mouz. Qojqva, on the other hand, landed two kills on Clockwerk and Batrider. DD responded a minute later, with an impressive Hookshot by Funzii that assassinated FATA, but resulted in his own death as well.

Mousesports, being in front of terms of gold and experienced, looked too strong for DD to confront in a 5v5 fight. DD heroes were able to get some snipes, mostly on syndereN and FATA, but they were completely unable to control qojqva's Lifestealer, who was Beyond Godlike with a score of 12-0 extremely early.

The Germans sealed the deal 25 minutes into the game, as they crushed DD in a 5-0 fight next to the mid tier-two. Mouz proceded to take down the middle barracks, getting another 3-1 fight two minutes later, courtesy of paS's three-man Burrowstrike. Their low health points prevented them from demolishing the barracks in th end, giving DD some breathing space.

Silent got his Diffusal Blade with 32 minutes on the clock, and decided to rush straight for the level two recipe, for the extra stat gain. However, he got slaughtered by Mouz, whose Gem stripped him of any freedom inside the fights. Abusing his absence, Mouz entered the Radiant base uninterrupted, forcing DD to call the game.

Game three

DD showed their determination by selecting Razor for the second time, insisting on their choice despite their previous loss with this hero. This time they accompanied the lighting whip with protective branches, as they selected a Treant Protector as well.

The first blood was grabbed by FATA's Juggernaut, with a full Blade Fury on a hopeless Bane. However, DD trilane proved to be really powerful, as they managed to wipe the full German trilane two minutes later, abusing their bad position. The pressure kept on, as they managed to grab three more kills against Mouz, giving a killing spree to Silent's Weaver. The middle lane, on the other hand, was pretty one-sided, with FATA's Juggernaut strong presence against Funzii's Queen of Pain.

16 minutes in, Funzii found an invisibility rune, and spotted Black's Lone Druid inside the forest. DD quickly rushed to take him down, but he barely escaped. Nevertheless, DD scored a kill on qojqva who rushed to join the teamfight. The number advantage acquired assured the demise of the mid tier-one. Mouz attempted to break DD's momentum by assaulting Razor, but they got pushed back again, losing qojqva for the sixth time.

DD controlled the map for a long part of the game, but they were unable to breach Mouz's defenses. As the time passed, Mouz's three-carry line-up started growing in fortitude, and they even managed to grab a kill on Razor and Silent, with two well executed ambushes while the two DD carries farmed.

The breakthrough for DD came with 32 minutes on the clock. Funzii baited qojqva in the middle lane, and Silent's Weaver sneaked behind him. The reaction by Mouz was not quick enough, and DD scored kills on Juggernaut, Keeper of the Light and Lifestealer. Capitalizing on the situation, they demolished the mid barracks two minutes later, taking down FATA and syndereN once more. The top set of barracks fell as well, but the Germans managed to drive DD away before they get the Mega creeps, picking off Socshka's Razor and Funzii's Queen of Pain as well.

DD, realizing that the game could go either way, decided to end the upcoming menace. They regrouped and stormed the last set of barracks in Mouz base. With Goblak catching almost everyone in his Overgrowth, and the coordinated burst damage to take down FATA, DD sealed the deal, getting the last barracks and the third game with them.


Game four

Treant Protector was selected by DD once again, but this time they did not abuse the early game potential of Living Armor to grab kills. This allowed Black's Alchemist to farm extremely well, having a Hand of Midas in 4 minutes. However, three teleports by DD four minutes later disrupted his creep harvest, as Funzii skewered on top of him and took him down with a Reverse Polarity. DD picked two more kills on FATA and syndereN who came to rescue Alchemist.

Despite the mishap, Black got back into the game with a 11 minute Shadow Blade. The item helped him catch Funzii's Magnus off-guard, and Mouz got three kills on Magnus, Rubick and Goblak, who came to defend the tier-one tower. DD responded with a snipe on qojqva's Lone Druid, that would've been worse for the Germans if Funzii's Reverse Polarity was not unsuccessful.

DD, abusing their early game potential, kept the high pressure on Mouz, even attempting to take down the middle tier-two surprisingly early. Mousesports were able to save their tower, but lost two heroes in the process.

Black had his Assault Cuirass extremely early, hitting like a truck while still participating in the fights. SyndereN got picked off during a bottom lane push with 20 minutes on the clock, and Black showcased his new item by taking down Gyrocopter and Treant Protector in return. Seconds later, paS's Bane caught Funzii just before the animation of Reverse Polarity ends, giving more kills to the Germans. Mouz looked too strong, and the three-man Reverse Polarity two minutes later was still not enough to take them down, ending in a 1-1 trade between the teams.

The game of carries took a surprising twist, as Silent chose to make a Divine Rapier in response to Black's full 30-minute inventory and Aegis. The item came to shock Mouz, who carelessly assaulted DD's top lane, and they got obliterated by the obscene Flack Cannon damage and Lifesteal. They were still able to turn the fight into a 2-1 trade in their favor, taking down Goblak and Funzii, losing FATA in exchange.

It was time for paS's Bane to shine. A sneaky blink over the Roshan pit as DD was going for the Aegis allowed him to land an amazing Fiend's Grip on Silent that could not be interrupted. Silent was controlled for the entirety of the fight as he watched his teammates get butchered by Black, and as soon as the Fiend's Grip ended, Black emerged to take him down with his Abyssal blade. Silent dropped the Divine Rapier, that got picked up by Black making him unstoppable.

Mouz entered DD's base gloriously, abusing the rapier to completely destroy everything in their path, including buildings and heroes. DD called the gg, congratulating their opponents for their invitation in The International 3.


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