PGL Major Kraków 2017 - Day Four Recap

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

The last day of the Swiss group stage decided the final six teams to participate at the play-offs of the PGL Major Kraków.

Below are the finalised group stage standings for all sixteen participants of the PGL Major Kraków 2017:

3-0 Win/Loss 3-1 Win/Loss 3-2 Win/Loss     2-3 Win/Loss 1-3 Win/Loss 0-3 Win/Loss
CIS Gambit Esports Denmark Astralis Sweden Fnatic France G2 Esports Europe mousesports Europe FaZe Clan
Germany BIG Denmark North Poland Virtus.pro United States Cloud9 Europe PENTA Sports Russia Vega Squadron
  Brazil SK Gaming Brazil Immortals CIS FlipSid3 Tactics CIS Natus Vincere  

Europe mousesports vs. United States Cloud9 - 0-1

de_Train - 11:16 (8:7, 3:9)

Mousesports kicked off on the CT side of affairs, where the team managed to land a flawless pistol round, losing absolutely no one. Through a strong team effort the European mix was able to dispatch all members of Cloud9 hailing via Ivy. Upgraded pistols from Cloud9 saw a B site fake, forcing some utility from the defenders, only to rush onto the A site and subsequently devastate the CTs there. The round came down to a 1v2 for Denis "denis" Howell, who was subject to unpredictable positioning from Mike "shroud" Grzesiek on the A site, consequently falling to a P250 from the former. As with all force buys, mousesports sustained a massive shake-up to their economy, only able to purchase a UMP45 and a few pistols in the following round. An opening from Timothy "autimatic" Ta was immediately followed by aggression from mousesports into T main, only for two members to be shut down by Jake "Stewie2k" Yip's UMP45. A clean up from Cloud9 landed the team a 2:1 record come round three. A full eco from mouz in the follower, able to frag two members of Cloud9, but not much else. Round five witnessed mousesports' first buy, where T main aggression from the European mix yielded two frags and a crucial advantage for the team. It came down to a 3v1 situation for Timothy "autimatic" Ta, who managed to utilise his in-game prowess, dispatching two members of mouz, however when faced with a 1v1 against Estonian CS:GO Prodigy, Robin "ropz" Kool he was unable to finalise the clutch, losing the round. 

An economy reset for mousesports in round six, as the team was unable to shut down Cloud9's AWPer, Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, losing a 2v1 situation to his swift reflexes. Due to the aforementioned financial issues, mouz found themselves with upgraded pistols against full on rifles, opting to retain them after a 4v3 after-plant situation in favour of Cloud9 was deemed unsalvageable. No solid equipment for the European mix in the follower, conceding yet another round at 2:6. With both teams sporting rifles, a more even round was seen. As the teams went four-for-four, Jake "Stewie2k" Yip and Denis "denis" Howell were left, with the former at only 5 HP. A single bullet to the body meant a round in mousesports' favour at 3:6. A strong A site entry from Cloud9 saw a swift bomb plant, in addition to two frags. Defensive play from the losing team meant an equipment save, however perfect positioning from Robin "ropz" Kool sought to removing two rifles from the hands of Cloud9. A full on A hit once more from Cloud9, this time entirely shut down by two frags each from Christian "loWel" Garcia and Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný meaning a 4:7 score line. Denis "denis" Howell stood up for his team in round twelve, fragging three member of Cloud9 in a 3v4 situation and subsequently defusing the bomb to lessen the round gap further for his team. A busted economy for the Americans led to a third consecutive loss at 7:6, still in their favour. Aggression in Ivy from mousesports saw two members of Cloud drop immediately, placing the Americans in a 3v5 without even getting near to a bomb site. A peak from  Jake "Stewie2k" Yip on B ramp was shut down by Robin "ropz" Kool, leaving two members of Cloud9 saving equipment. The final round of the half witnessed two UMP45, two AK-47s and a Tec9 on Cloud9 opposing a full buy from mousesports. The European mix was able to shut down the Americans in a post-plant on B, leading to a surplus at 8:7 in their favour. 

A fast B take from mouz's first T side round, one that proved to be spectacularly effective. Cloud9 were caught off-guard, as the European representatives planted the bomb and setup a crossfire to prevent the remaining CTs from defusing it. The situation led to a 1v2 for Timothy "autimatic" Ta, who opted to save his body armour instead of trying to clutch. Cloud9 force bought in round seventeen, to no avail, as SMGs from the opposition shredded the defence, accruing a further round in their favour. A comeback from Cloud9 on their first buy round, as a 2v3  post-plant on the B site was converted in a 3v0 and a defuse, producing an 8:11 score. Another speed demon approach to an A site take from mouz, as the team is entirely demolished, conceding one more. Round twenty-one saw the teams trade one for one in ivy, followed by an A advance from mouz. Jake "Stewie2k" Yip snuck behind his opponents via ivy to T main, able to dispatch two members of his opposition granting Cloud9 a fantastic advantage. His teammates capitalised on the opening, defused the bomb and closed the team's deficit to just one round at 10:11. Upgraded pistols and utility from mouz in the following round saw two members of Cloud9 fall, but a fearless Timothy "autimatic" Ta faced his opponents, dispatching three in the process.

At 11:11 round developments led to a 2v2 situation, one that was subsequently taken away by the Americans through spectacular communication between Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham and Timothy "autimatic" Ta. Round twenty-four was nothing but miraculous for Cloud9, as a 1v2 for Jake "Stewie2k" Yip saw a frag onto Denis "denis" Howell. In a 1v1 against Christian "loWel" Garcia the American followed the ancient saying "Pro don't fake", sticking a defuse in a smoke whilst the Spanish player was searching for his opponent desperately. Not only did Jake "Stewie2k" Yip defuse, he also managed to dispatch Christian "loWel" Garcia landing his team a 13:11 lead. Another spectacular individual performance from Cloud9, as Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham was found in a 1v2 situation in the following round, able to convert via two frags onto mousesports. A round loss bonus meant the European mix were able to buy, opting on this occasion to hit the B site. A brawl ensued, leaving two members from each team to figure things out. Cloud9 were able to come out on top once again, as Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham gunned down a low HP Denis "denis" Howell to place his team on map point at 15:11. No cigar for mousesports in the follower, as the team was eliminated by Cloud9 from the PGL Major Kraków after sustaining a 1-3 win/loss record.

CIS FlipSid3 Tactics vs. Europe PENTA Sports - 1-0

de_Train - 16:13 (4:11, 12:2)

The CIS representatives lose not time on the T side, as the team rushes onto the B site, using their utility to great effect. A 2v5 situation was greatly stacked against the CTs, however three opening kills from Jesse "zehN" Linjala meant a 2v2. The Finn went down, leaving Pawel "innocent" Mocek on his own, and with two members of FlipSid3 at low HP, things seemed dire. The Pole made work of the final two opponents, leaving the final member of PENTA at 4hp, but victorious, as the bomb was subsequently defuse. A force buy from F3 in round two failed to impress, conceding the round. Nothing of note in round three either, as upgraded pistols weren't able to amount to much, as PENTA lead at a 3:0 score line. On their first buy FlipSid3 split the A bomb site with only thiry seconds left in the round. Despite things looking shaky an opening kill from Yegor "markeloff" Markelov saw the site bust wide open, with his teammates flooding from all angles. With too much to chew, PENTA fell to the aggressors conceding their first round of the map. Upgraded pistols in the follower saw a spectacular performance from the European mix, as five frags were accrued, greatly hindering the economy on F3. Lacking a defuse kit, the final member of PENTA in Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend was left saving an AK-47, allowing the opposition a round. Once more the European mix opted to force, on this occasion to their own demise, as on this occasion PENTA were unable to dent the opponents' finances, dropping only two members of F3. Due to constant force buys PENTA found themselves in what was essentially a full eco, barring two upgraded pistols and two armours on Miikka "sunNy" Kemppi and Jesse "zehN" Linjala. The European mix was able to miraculously convert the unfair equipment situation to a 1v1 between Miikka "sunNy" Kemppi and Yegor "markeloff" Markelov, where the prior dispatched the CS legend, defusing the bomb and securing his team their fourth round at 4:3.

A mixed buy on F3 in the follower, as two Galils, two AK-47s and an UMP45 attempt to upset the economy of PENTA. B site action from the Ts was shut down by a solid defence.  Yegor "markeloff" Markelov was left in a 1v4 situation in a post-plant, able to deal with two CTs. Unfortunately the man fell, after doing his best to prevent a defuse from coming in. Upgraded pistols for F3 in round nine, but no miracle to be seen, as PENTA make quick work of them on the A site. Able to buy in the following round, a late A site hit was met with ample defence, as the team fell one by one to the hands of Miikka "sunNy" Kemppi and Kevin "HS" Tarn, with two kills each. FlipSid3 were once again looking at upgraded pistols, betting on a miracle. No miracle to be found, as PENTA's defence was on point, dispatching all members, subsequently securing their eighth round at 8:3. A buy from FlipSid3 in round twelve, and finally the team were able to secure a bomb plant and a somewhat favourable situation. Pawel "innocent" Mocek delivered two killing blows onto the Ts, crippling chances as a lonely Georgy "WorldEdit" Yaskin was left to attempt a clutch. PENTA perfectly exploited their man advantage, setting up a buddy system in turn ensuring the death of the final remaining T. A monstrous 4k from Jesse "zehN" Linjala on the B site, as a perfect flashbang from Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend caught three members of FlipSid3 with their pants down. Three members were sprayed down by the AK-47 of Jesse "zehN" Linjala, followed by another to destroy the opposition. Upgraded pistols showed no promise in the following round, with PENTA extending their lead further at 11:3. The final round of the first half saw FlipSid3 pick up their fourth round, as a successful A site hit saw the entire defence collapse, ending the CIS representatives' initial half run at 4:11. 

Another pistol round in favour of PENTA, as a swift B take saw a bomb plant with zero casualties sustained. A smart decision from Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen to deploy an incendiary grenade onto the plant site, however the projectile landed just short of the needed area, allowing a plant. Yegor "markeloff" Markelov was found in a 1v3 situation, but no clutch was seen. A force buy from FlipSid3 seemed promising, as a failed weapon exchange compromised the PENTA gave away information of a B site execute. Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen caght four members of the aggression off-guard, securing his team a highly crucial round at 6:12. What the Finn also contributed to was a financial crisis for PENTA, with only upgraded pistols coming out from the European mix in the following round. The B team of Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen and Yegor "markeloff" Markelov dealt with the undergeared roster of PENTA, culling three and two members respectively. Another B take from PENTA in the follow-up, however on this occasion the B team didn't show up, instead falling to spectacular opening frags from the Ts. A failed 2v4 retake saw the CIS reps lose the entirety of their equipment at 7:13. Three members of PENTA fell in swift fashion in round twenty-one, leaving but two with the bomb. A leap onto the B site meant a bomb plant was secured, however a solid multi-angle retake from F3 secured the team another round in the latter half. PENTA open the A site with three frags onto the defence. A 2v4 situation saw Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen stand up for his team, fragging three members in quick succession, followed by a fourth from Yegor "markeloff" Markelov in addition to a defuse, closing the team's deficit to just four. A B take was met by the sole Finn on F3 once more, shut down and round closed as all members barring Kevin "HS" Tarn were deceased on PENTA.

Four pistols and HS' AK-47s entered round twenty-three, barging into the A site via T main. A full shutdown from FlipSid3 popped the lid on the round, with FlipSid3 just two rounds away from equalising at 11:13. A convincing performance from Denis "electronic" Sharipov, as a brawl on the A site led to a 1v2 situation. The two remaining members of PENTA planted the bomb and awaited the last remaining CT. A double peek from the Ts sustained an AK-47 spray from the Russian, both falling and conceding the round, as electronic defused the bomb. Another buy from PENTA in the follower, but no results, as a two for four exchange left Miikka "sunNy" Kemppi alone. The prior victory signified the equaliser for FlipSid3 at 13:13, greatly reassuring the roster and  giving a much needed confidence boost for the potential four remaining rounds. Four pistols and an AK-47 on the B site were, in a recurring theme, met by the M4A1 of Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen, who dealt death to three members of PENTA. His teammates cleaned up, with F3 in the lead at 14:13. A successful B take from PENTA fell through in post-plant, as FlipSid3 efficiently dealt with the three remaining Ts, securing map point. What proved to be the final round witnessed an engagement in T main, where a failed pop flash meant F3 had lost their star player in Denis "electronic" Sharipov. With the advantage the team pressed onto the A site, able to catch another member of F3 in the process. Working with a 2v4 things were going well for PENTA, until  Yegor "markeloff" Markelov shut down two members, followed by a frag from Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen, leaving Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend in a 1v2 with a Galil. Able to plant the bomb, the German repositioned to surprsie the opposition, however a failed spray meant a compromised position. With the disadvantage at hand, PENTA sustained a loss, as the final standing member was sprayed down by Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen, closing the map at 16:13 for his team.

CIS Natus Vincere vs. Sweden Fnatic - 0-1

de_Mirage - 12:16 (9:6, 3:10)

The Ukrainian side started as CT, and quickly came up against Dennis "dennis" Edman, or ‘Pistola’ as he should be known. However, this made Aleksandr "s1mpleKostyliev jealous, and he responded with three kills on the site to give Na’Vi a 1-0 lead. Perhaps predictably, this was followed by technical issues, and then a clutch defuse made it 2-0, before 3-0 arrived without a player down for the men in yellow, although Fnatic were able to plant at least.

Fnatic got on the board in the fourth, but Na’Vi hit right back to take the next four in a row, thanks to some great play from s1mple, among others. Robin "flusha" Rönnquist woke up to take a wallbang clutch and make it 7-2, then 7-3 as Na’Vi struggled with their economy. The Swedes got to four before Na’Vi struck back, but Fnatic held onto their momentum and cut the gap to three at 8-5, forcing an eco that led to a simple round win, and 8-6. s1mple was able to save at least, meaning his team had a chance in the next, which they duly took to stretch the lead a bit more.

The second pistol reminded us once again that Dennis is a god of the small gun, but Egor "flamieVasiliev wasn’t to be outdone, and the trade left us at 10-7 in Na’Vi’s favour. Yet another clutch from Flusha saw us back to a two round deficit, and the game was blown wide open when Freddy "KRiMZJohansson made it 10-9, forcing the tactical timeout from Na’Vi, that was followed by a very tight round that went in their favour. The insanity saw Fnatic cut the gap to one again, and Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer’s double meant we were tied at elevens after Na’Vi had led for most of the game, before Flusha took down last-man s1mple to put the Swedes ahead.

The next went the same way, and Fnatic kept their foot on the Na’Vi necks, with Jesper "JW" Wecksell deciding to join the party, making perfect peeks to take a quad, and put his team just two rounds from the win. However, Na’Vi weren’t done yet, and took a round they had no right to win, resetting the economy of their opponents, and getting themselves right back into the game at 12-14. S1mple had a chance to get 13 for his side, but couldn’t quite fit all four of his teammates in his backpack, putting Fnatic one round away from advancing.

Round 28 opened evenly, and despite a missed shot from JW, Fnatic were able to take the win at the first time of asking. The Swedes progressed to the knockout stages, while Na’Vi joined FaZe Clan on the plane home, potentially to discuss whether this line-up should continue together. Maybe s1mple wished his team mates could have helped him out a bit more, but in the end his confidence was not rewarded with the result.

France G2 Esports vs. Denmark Astralis - 0-1

de_Inferno - 6:16 (5:10, 1:6)

Astralis open up Inferno on the T side, immediately securing a flawless entry onto the A site. A well placed smoke pushed back the defence towards long/arch, whilst the aggressors setup for a retake. What ensued was simply an immaculate retake from the Frenchmen as only Nathan "NBK" Schmitt was lost in its execution, whilst all the Danes fell. A full eco in the following round from Astralis, despite the disadvantage the Danes managed three frags in addition to a bomb plant, reinforcing their economy whilst denting G2's. Two bomb plants in the prior rounds allowed for an early buy and Astralis obliged. Opting to leave the round till late-game, Astralis stored the A site with twenty-two seconds left, and did so to great avail, as the Frenchmen were caught off guard, consequently losing a round. A Famas, two CZ75s, Five-seven and UMP45 for G2 in the follow up, unfortunately only a single frag amongst all aforementioned equipment was shared. Astralis hunt the two remaining Frenchmen down, forcing the few pieces of equipment out of their hands.

Same story next round for G2, as the team opted for a five man B stack, one that was shut down by Astralis in swift fashion at 3:2. A failed full buy in the follower saw Kenny "kennyS" Schrub save an AWP for the next, whilst his teammates donned upgraded pistols. A missed shot from the French AWPer set the tone for the round, as G2 concede their fifth in a row at 2:5. Shifting the previous round into the past, G2 managed to demonstrate a spectacular round, as Dan "apEX" Madesclaire secured a 3k, one of which was in a 1v1 clutch against Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz in a post-plant on B. Clutchmaster of Astralis, Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth found himself in a 1v3 situation, where he dispatched all remaining members of G2, securing his team their sixth round. In addition to a highlight-worthy play, the Dane demolished the French economy, forcing a half-buy from G2. The following two rounds saw a half-buy followed by upgraded pistols, whereby G2 were unable to find an upset, extending Astralis' lead to 8:3.

A solid purchase from G2 Esports in round twelve, as an intense amount of offensive utiltiy was lobbed into banana, absolutely crippling Astralis. Famas kills from Richard "shox" Papillon and Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro leave to a 5v3 situation for their team. With most members on low HP after the malarkey on banana, it was a matter of time before a round W for G2. Another victory for the Frenchmen as a stellar B hold saw a single fatality for the defence, whilst the offense was ground into a pulp by the B site trio  of Richard "shox" Papillon, Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, with the team captain accounting for three members of Astralis. A crucial round for G2 to win, as the Danes were at their last buy before going bust. A fast A rush from the Danes saw the team go three for three, with the aggressors securing a bomb plant. The 2v2 was subsequently clutched by Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander, taking his team to 9:5. Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye clutches the final round of the half in a 1v2 situation, landing Astralis a solid 10:5 T side.

The second pistol saw G2 Esports attempt an A long rush, only to be stalled by the first line of defence in Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen, followed by a rotation from  other members of Astralis. Richard "shox" Papillon was left in a 1v4 situation, only able to plant a bomb, making the best of a bad situation. G2 force buy in the follower unable to even touch the defence, as all members fell without dealing economic damage to Astralis. A full eco from the Frenchmen, utterly demolished by a bloodthirsty Astralis in middle. G2 Esports went into their first buy round at a 5:13 score, and fortunately for the team emerged from it with a 6:13 score, as a they found a 5v4 advantage on banana, followed by an advancement onto A where they managed to break the Danish defence down, not without casualties, however. A nail-biting round ensued, as Astralis' defence was breached on the B site, with a bomb planted in a 3v3 situation. The Danes boldly sought to retake and did just that, however the lack of a kit made things ever interesting, as very little time was left for a defuse. Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen was in the process of defusing, whilst Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz was in the process of running, saving his AWP. Luckily the defuser made it in the knick of time, securing a 14:6 score for his team. A close round was followed by a shutdown, where all members of G2 fell to just one from Astralis, placing the Danes on map point. Round twenty-two saw the conclusion of the map as a weak buy from G2 was shut down by the Danish powerhouse. Astralis proceed to the play-offs, whilst G2 Esports prepare for round four.

Poland Virtus.pro vs. Denmark North - 0-1

de_Mirage - 16:14 (6:9, 10:5)

The home crowd favourites kicked off on the CT side of affairs, making swift work of a B site stack from the Danes. A 3k from Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski coupled with the backup of his teammates meant an early foot in the match for Virtus.pro. North force bought in the follower, absolutely decimating the equipment of Virtus.pro , as the round came down to a 1v1 that saw Paweł "byali" Bieliński face off with René "cajunb" Borg, with the prior overpowering the aggressor with his M4A1. North pull a miracle out of their hat with upgraded pistols, winning the round after securing a 5v3 man advantage on the A site. Peered down from too many angles the Poles were unable to defuse the bomb, conceding the round. Having snatched the momentum, North ran away with yet another round, as well as saving equipment for a lessened economic impact in the follower. Virtus.pro also managed to save two devices, however three members were faced with a dire financial situation in round five. Despite a weakened buy the next round was secured by V.P, as a lurk from Filip "NEO" Kubski ensure crucial information and subsequently a round. A full shutdown by the Poles in round six, resetting the Danish economy and ensuring a fast round to produce a 5:2 score for Virtus.pro. 

Three kills for Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski in round eight to reset the Danish economy and secure V.P their fourth consecutive round victory. A Deagle purchase saw Philip "aizy" Aistrup grab two kills for North, but not much more than the aforementioned, conceding a further round. Amends were made in the following round, as a convincing A take from the Danes saw a third round victory pop up on the scoreboard for the team. All members of V.P barring Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski perished, but the finances accrued over the win streak meant the team was in good hands regardless. No mercy from North in the follower, as another brisk A take saw a four appear on the scoreboard. Finally Virtus.pro's monetary cushion was deflated, as the Danes punch in their third consecutive round, in turn resetting the Polish economy at 5:7. Four pistols and an AWP fall for V.P, as North continue amassing rounds, one away from an equaliser. Virtus.pro prevent any possibility of an equaliser in the prior half, as a 4k from Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski secured his team an indefinite lead for the first fifteen rounds. No cigar for North in round fifteen, as Virtus.pro shut down a sluggish advance onto the A site via connector, closing the first half at 9:6.

The second pistol round was secured by North on the CT side, despite a great opener from Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski. The Poles attempted to breach the B site defence, however a swift rotation from the A defence following an information transfer meant zero chances of even a plant. One frag for V.P with upgraded pistols in round two of the latter half, as North closing in with an 8:9 score. North were able to farm some cash with SMGs on the A site, as Virtus.pro rush in with a full eco in attempt to secure a bomb plant, unfortunately to no fruition. An A site execute on V.P's first full buy, with both teams going blow for blow on the A site. A bomb was very nearly planted, however  Emil "Magisk" Reif made sure no such action was realised, despite falling immediately after himself. Paweł "byali" Bieliński snatches the bomb in attempt to plant, only to be sniped down by René "cajunb" Borg. No money for Virtus.pro in the follower, now at a 9:11 deficit. Promising developments were seen for V.P in round twenty-one, as a 3v5 situation was secured off the bat. The home crowd favourites  decided to test the waters of B, only to be greeted by Philip "aizy" Aistrup's M4A1, utterly disrupting their plans via a 2k. Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski was the final member of V.P to live, immediately shot down by Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke. A max round loss bonus assisted Virtus.pro in buying equipment, however it was all lost after a superb performance from North. Upgraded pistols finally worked out for the Poles, as  Filip "NEO" Kubski secured a 4k following the purveyal of an M4A1, courtesy of Philip "aizy" Aistrup. 

On the back of a spectacular performance from their teammates Virtus.pro turned up in round twenty-four, landing a strong A hit that caught the Danes off guard. A bomb plant in addition to a man advantage at 4v3 in favour of the Ts saw the remaining three members of North save equipment for the next round. A weak buy on two members of the team, with the same story as prior developing in the following round. This time only an M4A1 was saved, with René "cajunb" Borg losing his AWP to Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas after the round timer expired. With just enough dough for four rifles, North face make or break. Unfortunately only two kills were secured over the course of round twenty-six for North, in addition to sustaining five deaths and a shattered economy. Upgraded pistols very nearly yielded a round victory for the Danes, however spectacular positioning from Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski in a 1v1 against Philip "aizy" Aistrup wasted sufficient time for a bail to be called for the Dane at 13:14 down. Both teams equipped adequately saw an engagement on the A site, where well-placed utility allowed a site breach and a bomb plant. Once the smokes dispersed North dispatched the Poles in swift fashion, subsequently defusing the bomb. Round two on the A site at 14:14, as Virtus.pro attempt to secure map point. A bomb plant was once again secured, however a repeat of the prior was seen, as North deal with the aggressors in lethal fashion, securing map point for themselves. A last-ditch effort from V.P saw an A fake followed by a B hit, a strategy that was read like a book by North's mastermind Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen. Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas secured a 5v3 advantage for his team after dealing with two Danes on A, only for the crew on B to be demolished by Emil "Magisk" Reif and Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke. A nail-biting 16:14 conclusion for North, who retained their Legend title. 

Brazil SK Gaming vs. Brazil Immortals - 1-0

de_Overpass - 16:9 (10:5, 6:4)

The big brothers kick off on the CT side of Overpass, losing just two members to Immortals. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo fell after being caught out of position, only for his teammates to frag two, followed by three frags on the B site to avenge their leader, in addition to securing their first round of the map. Immortals force, managing to kill three members of SK, but finances were regained by the CTs as UMP45s were part of their equipment and all members of Immortals fell to their bullets. Another pistol buy was shut down in round three, as SK grabbed a 3:0 lead. Following an opening kill on A long, Immortals decide on a slow B hit, catching the local defence with their pants at their heels. Exchanges were seen, leading to a 2v2, subsequently a 2v1 in favour of IMT, where SK's last remaining member, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo saved his AWP for rounds to come. Round five saw an action packed round that came down to the wire. After an intense engagement on the A site, only two players were left on the server with less than ten seconds left to the round. Epitacio "TACO" de Melo and Ricardo "boltz" Prass danced around the site, leading to time running out. TACO got the better of boltz post-round, with the in-game leader dropping his weapon and no money gained. Upgraded pistols with a Galil on IMT for the next round flashed with SK's SMG buy, with the latter coming out under in the exchange. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo was left in a 1v3 situation where two opponents fell, but ultimately the Brazilian legend fell, granting Immortals their second round of the half. Another sloppy buy saw SK lose, leading to a 3:4 score line for IMT. Upgraded pistol with no armour for SK in the following round amounted to three kills and not much more, as the Ts equalise at 4:4. 

A buy for SK saw the team cut the losing streak, as a B site hit was held by the defence, leaving Henrique "HEN1" Teles in a 1v3. Two men were tagged, leaving them under 20 HP, but that was all for the lightning-reflexed AWPer. On the back of a loss Immortals were unable to purchase equipment in round ten, trying for a five man A rush in attempt to secure a bomb plant. A total meatgrinder on A as the entire roster falls. Another A hit from the aggressors, this time with some rifles was once again shut down, this time courtesy of a 2k from Marcelo "coldzera" David. With their economy reset once again, Immortals make it a fast round by crashing their entire team against the A site defence, with SK sporting double their score at 8:4. Able to breach and plant on the B site, thing were looking great for Immortals. They had a 3v2 situation going for them, with  Marcelo "coldzera" David and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo to deal with. They don't call him the best in the world for no reason, as the cold one manages a 2k, followed by a backup kill from FalleN to clear the site and defuse the bomb. Another B hit from Immortals, this time a fruitful one, as the team successfully converts a 2v1 advantage into a round victory at 5:9. The final round saw the Ts speed toward the A site, swiftly disabling the defence with impressive opening frags. A 3v3 with the Ts setup for a retake saw equal odds of victory, however the more experienced Brazilian team came out on top, as the buddy system proved effective in a 1v2 situation against Lucas "steel" Lopes.

A brilliant start to their CT side, as Immortals fend off an advancement from SK onto the B site. Ricardo "boltz" Prass single-handedly dealt with three members of the aggression, leading to greatly improved odds of a victory. Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles finished off the last standing SK member, leading to a 6:10 score for IMT. SK Gaming force up in attempt to upset the momentum. Two opening kills from Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Joao "felps" Vasconcellos produce a 5v3 situation for the team with an equipment disadvantage. The brotherly duo of Immortals equalises after securing a frag each at 3v3, only to be cleaned up by Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, who landed three frags onto the remaining CTs. Immortals force buy, unwilling to pass over the momentum to their opponents. Henrique "HEN1" Teles and Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles frag two members each, with the prior utilising the SSG08, whilst the latter dispatched his opponents with his trusty Deagle. Vito "kNg" Giuseppe cleaned up, snatching the momentum of the match back in his team's favour. Baldly SK opt for a half buy that ultimately came down to a 1v1 between Joao "felps" Vasconcellos and  Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles, whereby Immortals' representative came out on top, denying his Brazilian brother an ace clutch. Upgraded pistols on SK as money was short, as a rush onto the B bomb site saw two opening kills for SK. A 1v2 for Ricardo "boltz" Prass became a 1v1 against Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, where Immortals' in-game leader very nearly defuse the bomb with just milliseconds left till closure. FalleN heroically leaped through a smoke, dispatching his opponents with a P250, consequently securing SK a 12:8 score line. A scrappy buy from Immortals saw the team struggle to defen the B site against a fully bought aggression. All members of Immortals were dealt with, as SK Gaming gain another round. 

Pistols for Immortals in round twenty-two, but no results, as a swift departure from life saw their big brother close to just two rounds away from a victory. A bloody brawl on the A site ensued in the following round, with both teams working with rifles. SK Gaming come out short, as Joao "felps" Vasconcellos is left in a 1v2 situation in a post-plant, however SK's most recent addition was aware of the CTs lack of defuse kits, rotating from toilets to A long. The two remaining CTs were boggled as to the whereabouts of the final member of SK Gaming. Caught off guard, the two CTs sustained a double spraydown and map point was secured by SK Gaming at 15:8. A last-ditch effort from Immortals, as the team buy anything they can, including a MAG-7 and several UMP45s. They weaponry was utilised effectively, allowing the team a round after an A site hit fell through and time ran out. SK close Overpass after a successful A site advancement turned into a massacre, where Immortals kept falling in attempt to retake the site. All members were focused towards the B site, able only to enter via stairs and bank. The Brazilians fell there and then, conceding the match to their compatriots at 9:16.


Sweden Fnatic vs. France G2 Esports - 1-0

de_Overpass - 16:10 (11:4, 5:6)

The first match of round give commenced with a brawl in tunnels, where three members from each team fell. Robin "flusha" Rönnquist caught another member out, leading to a 2v1 in favour of Fnatic. Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro one-tapped Freddy "KRiMZ" Johansson leading to a 1v1. Robin "flusha" Rönnquist landed a bullet onto the Frenchmen who was at 1 HP, in turn securing the lead for Fnatic at 1:0. Pistols for G2 Esports in round two were able to bring affairs to a 1v2, with Fnatic very nearly running out of time for a bomb plant. With milliseconds left till the round's end Jesper "JW" Wecksell was able to secure a plant, saving his team the embarrassment. The final Frenchman fell, with Fnatic a 2:0. No money for G2 meant a fast round, as the Swedes plowed into the B site via monster. Things got serious in round four, as a double AWP setup on Richard "shox" Papillon and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub was the highlight of the defence. The latter was working without Kevlar, prone to aimpunch, a factor that can prove lethal against rifles. Lethal it was, as G2 conceded the B bomb site and rather ironically, Kenny "kennyS" Schrub was the only member on the French roster to stay alive. The consecutive round loss bonus allowed G2 upgraded pistols across the board, with their AWPer sporting an AWP, this time with Kevlar. 

G2 converted their upgraded pistols to rifles after dropping two members of Fnatic, however the Frenchmen placed all their eggs in the basket known as A site, leaving B vulnerable. Fnatic exploited the fact, swiftly making their way to the site via monster. Utility was lobbed, enabling Fnatic an easier time holding the site. G2 crashed their entire roster against the Ts, falling one by one. A long-awaited rifle buy was seen on the French side, one that was dismantled on the B site. The round came down to a 1v1 between Jesper "JW" Wecksell and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire, whereby the Swede came out on top, leading to Fnatic's sixth consecutive round. G2 spend their entire bank on a M4A1 force buy across the entire roster. Four members fall to Fnatic's five on the A site, as G2 Esports retain Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro's life, an AK-47, as well as defusing the bomb, securing their first round of the half. Having to re-purchase weaponry, only to lose it entirely after a 3v3 situation saw G2 Esports stack on A, conceding a free bomb plant to Fnatic. A failed retake meant a full eco for the Frenchmen in the following round. Disaster strikes for Fnatic as three members of G2 Esports rush Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer who found himself alone outside monster, conceding an AWP to the undergeared Frenchmen. Jesper "JW" Wecksell fell to the hands of Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro, landing the Frenchman an AK-47s. Guns in hand, G2 ventured to the A site, where they wiped Fnatic off the face of the round, securing their second round of the half. Unfazed by the previous mistake, Fnatic reset G2's economy in the following round, forcing their opponents into a Famas, UMP45 and three upgraded pistols. G2 Esports secure their second round at a massive disadvantage, forcing the issue onto a slow Fnatic. Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro landed a crucial spray onto two members of the Swedish roster at A long with the Famas, followed by multi-angle aggression from his teammates, locking down Fnatic at 3:9.

In a recurring theme the Frenchmen were reset once more, as a decent buy was dismantled by Fnatic. Forcing up again, G2 had a lot riding on a victory, however nothing of the like was achieved, as the Swedes read the economy in uncanny fashion, slowing their process down threefold. A lonely Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro attempted to save an AWP, only to be sprayed down by Dennis "dennis" Edman whilst hiding behind a wooden wall in park. Spiralling into a very weak half, G2 upgraded pistols in attempt to land another round. Fnatic made quick work of the team, further knocking the Frenchmen mentally. The fifteenth round was miraculously accrued, mostly due to missed aim duels by Fnatic, nevertheless G2 were able to lessen their burden slightly, concluding the half at 4:11.

G2 Esports demonstrate spectacular aim with the Glocks, out-aiming Fnatic on the A site. The Frenchmen sold an A hit, whilst three members of the team chipped off to B, securing a bomb plant and subsequently fragging the rotating Swedes, in turn grabbing a crucial round in the second half. A force buy from Fnatic yielded nada, with G2 continuing their streak at 6:11. No equipment for Fnatic in the following round, as G2 farm up some money and keep going strong. Fnatic's first buy round yield positive results, as three members of G2 Esports perish fairly early in the round to Fnatic's two, leaving a 3v2 situation at hand. Jesper "JW" Wecksell backstabbed Kenny "kennyS" Schrub at monster after a successful flank. Richard "shox" Papillon attempted to grab the bomb from his fallen comrade, only to perish to the B site defenders, unable to secure the $800 for his team. The situation didn't prove to be a massive issue, as the Frenchmen had ample funds to purchase weaponry in the following round. They also managed to capitalise come its conclusion, leading to an 8:12 score line. The CTs had a weak economy going into the next round, working with two CZ75s, a M4A1-S, Famas and MAG-7. The defence made the best of a bad situation, fragging four members whilst losing four, bringing the round to a 1v1 situation between Robin "flusha" Rönnquist and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub. The AWPer came out on top, as flusha's trusty CZ75 had failed him with its long reload animation, falling to a swift kennyS. A few pistols were purchased by Fnatic in round twenty-two, but no additional rounds were accrued, as G2 pushed their agenda at 10:12. Utter havoc for G2 Esports in the following round, as the Frenchmen find themselves out of luck for an A push after losing Dan "apEX" Madesclaire and Richard "shox" Papillon. The remainder of the roster sprinted to the B site, with two of three members falling to the defence. Riding solo, things were weighing on the shoulders of Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, who unfortunately was unable to land kills onto two remaining members of Fnatic, conceding the round. 

A convincing B take from G2 fell through, as a highly efficient defence meant another conceded round by G2, only two round losses away from elimination. A healthy economy amassed prior by G2 meant the ability to secure a full buy, their last if they didn't win this particular round. Map control around the A area was developed, unfortunately a sneaky Freddy "KRiMZJohansson fragged two members of G2 Esports in tunnels, greatly crippling the Frenchmen. Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer fragged two more in toilets, leaving a sole member for G2 in Dan "apEX" Madesclaire. The Frenchman fell, with Fnatic looking at map point. A crippled economy saw G2 Esports face the reality of elimination, as Fnatic secured the final, sixteenth round to advance to the play-offs of the Major.


Poland Virtus.pro vs. United States Cloud9 - 1-0

de_Train - 16:10 (8:7, 8:3)

Virtus.pro commence the map with an A site execute. A slow calculated approach initially saw disaster, as two members of the team fell to one on Cloud9, however Paweł "byali" Bieliński and Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski picked it up for the team, fragging the four remanining Americans. The CTs forced in the following round, unfortunately to no avail, as a B site advancement was not fully halted, leaving Timothy "autimatic" Ta saving his SSG08 in a 1v2 situation. Four upgraded pistols and a scout were all dispatched, landing V.P their third consecutive round. Round four saw a buy from Cloud9, with four M4A1s and an AWP on Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham. A great A site hold from the Americans saw but a single member fall, securing their first round of the map in addition to forcing re-purchase for the Poles. A further victory for Cloud9 reset the Polish economy, offering but P250s and some utility in the next round for the home crowd favourites. An A hit ensued, complemented by smokes, but Cloud9 punish Virtus.pro, delivering killing blows onto all members, whilst themselves remaining untouched entirely. Another buy round from V.P at 3:3, with high hopes of securing a round for themselves after the loss streak. Said round was accrued by Virtus.pro, as an opening kill was found on the B bomb site, immediately followed by a site take. Men were lost, but the opponents lost more, leaving Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham in a 1v2, one closed out by Filip "NEO" Kubski. Three kills from Timothy "autimatic" Ta to open the next round, utterly shattering any possibility of a round victory for V.P at 4:4.  A decent buy ensued for the Poles, where the team was able to sell an A site fake to the Americans. Three members of V.P ran to B, securing a bomb plant. The remainder of Cloud9 rushed to aid, clearing the site and securing a defuse, furthering their lead to 5:4. Back to pistols for the Poles, conceding another round to the CTs, however not before landing some economic damage and gain in the form of two frags and a bomb plant. 

Despite working with rifles, V.P were unable to show up in the round, as a godlike read from Jake "Stewie2k" Yip following a slow round from the Poles called an A hit, and hit the nail on the head. It was a close round, no doubt, but Cloud9's young in-game leader made sure personally to secure it, as he culled Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas in a 1v1 situation on the A site whilst the veteran was planting the C4. Curious purchases from Virtus.pro in the following round, as four rifles and a Tec9 came out, bringing up a few questions. No questions in the Poles' mind, however, as the team stormed the B site, utterly demolishing all opposing life forms, barring Mike "shroud" Grzesiek who chose to postpone his Reddit-worthy 1v2 clutch for a later time, instead saving his M4A1 for following rounds. Constant re-buys got the better of Cloud9's purse, causing the roster to save. No miracles were seen, as Virtus.pro secure a comprehensive W, one round away from equalising at 6:7. V.P equalise in the next round after a solid multi-angle approach to both bomb sites. Spread too thin Cloud9 fell, allowing a 7:7 round score on the board. Due to a prior loss, Cloud9 struggled for a buy, affording what they could with the funds present. The better equipped team came out on top at 8:7 in the Polish side's favour.

Cloud9 waste no time on the aggression, rushing into the B site able to secure a bomb plant. The team was apparently not fast enough, as Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas dispatched two members prior to falling himself. The rest of the Polish crew rotated over, dealing with the remaining American menace in calm nature. No force buy from Cloud9 in round seventeen, however a bomb plant was secured by Mike "shroud" Grzesiek in a 1v5, bidding the mission a success. Round three of the latter half saw an assertive push into the back of B, fragging three members of V.P on their way. Despite the loss, the remaining members of V.P managed to deal as much damage as possible, leading to a 2v1 in favour of Virtus.pro. The "King of Reddit" came through this time with a 1v2 clutch, securing his team a much needed round at 8:10. A 3k from Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas on the B bomb site crippled Cloud9's chances of securing the round, with the final frag outright denying such a possibility, as he protected his teammate Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski whilst he was defusing. Down to minimal cash Cloud9 bought a few pistols, hoping for something to work out. A great effort from the Americans, able to dispatch three members of the Polish roster, however rifles prevailed, scoring V.P their twelfth round. Another reset for Cloud9 in the ensuing round, as Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski and Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski landing two frags apiece, shutting down the Ts. Unable to come up with results on a pistol buy, Virtus.pro came two rounds within victory at 14:8. Another consecutive defeat sustained by Cloud9 after assertive ivy control shut down and information stream for the Americans, forcing said information to be gained via a blunt force collision with A site. Sharp aim from Virtus.pro dealt with the Ts in swift fashion, landing the team map point at 15:9. 

Facing elimination Cloud9 retaliated, so much so that the twenty-fourth round saw the team lose only a single member to the defence, meanwhile all opponents were dispatched. With their economy reset, Virtus.pro conceded the following round as pistols were ineffective against full-on rifles. Losing a member, Cloud9 stopped to think for a second, opting to dive back into the A site. A brawl on the site produced a 2v2 situation, which subsequently became a 1v2 between C9's Veteran, Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and the Polish duo of Filip "NEO" Kubski and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas. The combined experience of the Poles proved to be too much for the American, as he fell post-plant. A defuse came out, landing Virtus.pro their sixteenth round at 16:10, as well as a spot in the play-offs of their local Major event.


CIS FlipSid3 Tactics vs. Brazil Immortals - 0-1

de_Train - 6:16 (5:10, 1:6)

FlipSid3 commence Train on the offense, opting an A site flood from all angles possible. With too many angles to hold Immortals were pushed back, not before Henrique "HEN1" Teles landed three frags onto his opponents, leading to a 1v1 situation against Denis "electronic" Sharipov, who proved to be too nimble for the Brazilian dodging bullets left and right. Henrique "HEN1" Teles saved his Kevlar for the next round, whilst F3 punched in a digit at 1:0. A force from the CTs saw an upset against superior weaponry, as UMP45s and AK-47s were picked up by the Brazilians from fallen members of FlipSid3. The two Brazilian brothers showed immense trust for one another, as Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles covered his brother Henrique "HEN1" Teles while the former defused the bomb. Two frags were accrued by HEN1, securing round two for Immortals. Vito "kNg" Giuseppe landed a 3k with his trusty AK-47 in the anti-eco, grabbing $900 in funds off the back of it. No upsets with pistols as IMT go 2:1. Back on the buy, FlipSid3 were looking to sway the momentum in their favour, but alas it was impossible, as a 3k from Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles complemented by a 2k from Ricardo "boltz" Prass destroyed dreams. Pistols again for F3, again to no effect as the gap widens at 1:4. Dire straights for FlipSid3 as all members barring Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen were dispatched, leaving the Finn in a 1v2 situation with a minute left in the round. Fantastic aim and tactical prowess saw the rifler outsmart both Ricardo "boltz" Prass and Henrique "HEN1" Teles, grabbing round two for his team. Another sway in momentum as a double AWP setup on the B site proved highly effective in ensuring the deaths of FlipSid3 Tactics. A fast round from F3 as they rush into B like headless chicken, sustaining third degree burns from Molotvs and bullet wounds from M4A1s in abundance. 

Immortals hold off an A advance from F3, with three members remaining alive to zero on the opponents roster. This loss saw an economy reset once more for the CIS representatives, causing the following round to be lost in addition to the prior, leading to a worrisome 2:8 score. Convincing developments for FlipSid3 on the B bomb site, as the team managed to position their people for a re-take. The team could not account for a 3k from Lucas "steel" Lopes, falling once more to the hands of the Brazilians. With the round loss bonus maximised, FlipSid3 absolutely thrashed the A bomb site with the agility of a mongoose. Immortals were caught off guard, with only one member surviving the brawl in Henrique "HEN1" Teles, saving his prized autosniper. Aggressive positions from the CT were met with slow play from FlipSid3, on the back of which a 5v3 advantage was secured for the Ts. Two members of F3 were dispatched by Immortals, however the CIS mix did not falter, securing the round via extermination of the opposition. The following round came down to a 3v3 on B, where Immortals got the better of FlipSid3, converting to a 2v0 with a defuse. Finalising the half was a full buy on both teams. A slow, calculated push onto the B bomb site from the CIS mix saw the team secure a fifth round in the first half after Immortals were unable to hold the site.

Utter destruction from Immortals in the second pistol, as a sprint onto the B site saw all defending members demolished. Demolished equally were rotating members of F3 from the A site. Georgy "WorldEdit" Yaskin was the final member remaining, able to grab two frags prior to perishing and consequently conceding an 11:5 score to Immortals. FlipSid3 forced up in round two, unfortunately unable to make much use of their equipment as the Brazilians made quick work of the entire roster, leaving Jan "wayLander" Rakhonen saving a Five-seven and Kevlar. Another hyper-aggressive push onto the A site, destroying all five members of F3 at 13:5. Round nineteen was the first in which FlipSid3 could purchase solid equipment. A victory was had by the CIS mix, as a B advance was repelled by Yegor "markeloff" Markelov and co. securing the team their sixth round of the map. Utility grenades were used by FlipSid3 on the defence, as the team was starting to perceive patterns within their opponents performances. Once all the smokes dissipated the CIS mix was out-aimed by their opponents on A, conceding in a 1v2 situation. A loss meant limited funds for the defence in the following round, working with two Famas rifles, a M4A1-S and two SMGs. The Brazilians were untouched entirely, instead an explosive performance from Lucas "steel" Lopes, once again stepping up with a 3k for his team. A terrible buy for FlipSid3 in the concluding round of the map saw the team decimated once more by the dominant Brazilians. A 16:6 outcome meant Immortals secured the Legends title in their first ever Major tournament.

Below are the quarter-final pairings for Friday's matches:

CIS Gambit Esports vs. Sweden Fnatic
Brazil SK Gaming vs. Denmark Astralis
Germany BIG vs. Brazil Immortals
Denmark North vs. Poland Virtus.pro

Image courtesy of PGL Facebook


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