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shox started playing Counter-Strike back in the days of 1.2, having first discovered the game in 2001 at nine years of age. He then slowly moved on to each next version of the game, ending up in Counter-Strike: Source.[Citation needed] In 2008, he started making his breakthrough with a team called Creativ` and already in March 2009, he joined VeryGames for the first time. Already then he was an established top player, by many accounts even the best in the world, but the team itself ran into some problems and would be released from the organization near the end of the year. shox would then even try out playing Counter-Strike for a short period in 2010, but he went back to Counter-Strike: Source to represent Team ROCCAT, Team LDLC.com and later 3DMAX together with another current star, Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom. After only a few months in that 3DMAX team, shox left to join VeryGames once again[1] where he would sit on top of the world for about six months. And then, despite being one of the best players in the world and winning ESWC with the team, he was removed due to internal problems at the end of November 2011[2]. He would go back to team up with ScreaM in Tt Dragons at the beginning of 2012[3], and they would together switch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when the new game came out.

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