GGPlay out, JaeDong marches on

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GGPlay after his loss

The Batoo StarLeague has already produced some amazing games, and some slight upsets. Group C is still wide open, while we have our first qualified player in JaeDong as well as the first to be knocked out, who is GGPlay.

Stork managed to make YellOw look like he's never really played the game before, but they are both 1-1 now and still have a good chance of making it through. TeSter is just not ready for an OSL. He'll go 0-3 and he'll deserve it. UpMagiC was too sneaky for his own good against BeSt and screwed up the proxy rax rush, while JaeDong utterly dominated Kal.

Batoo StarLeague Week 2.1
Stork > YellOw Return of the king
TeSter < by.hero Sin Chupung Ryeong
BeSt > UpMagiC Medusa
JaeDong > Kal Tears of the moon

July look a bit off his form today. He made a few questionable decisions and in the end had to surrender. Fantasy was just one step ahead of Leta the entire game, while Hwasin and Flash played a really close game. It looks bleak for Flash for a while, but he managed to come back and win it. Luxury had a build order win versus GGPlay. Considering Luxury always goes 9pool lately, that shouldn't have happened.

Batoo StarLeague Week 2.2
Bisu > July Return of the king
Fantasy > Leta Sin Chupung Ryeong
HwaSin < Flash Medusa
Luxury > GGPlay Tears of the Moon

Fantasy played well against Leta

Batoo StarLeague after 2 weeks
Group A Group B
Bisu 2-0 Fantasy 2-0
YellOw 1-1 Leta 1-1
Stork 1-1 hero 1-1
July 0-2 Tester 0-2
Group C Group D
Flash 1-1 JaeDong 2-0
Hwasin 1-1 Luxury 1-1
UpMagiC 1-1 KaL 1-1
BeSt 1-1 GGPlay 0-2

JaeDong triumphant.
GGPlay will play JaeDong next week. If he wins that he'll be 1-2 while JaeDong and either KaL or Luxury will be 2-1. This means that JaeDong is qualified, while GGPlay is eliminated.

In group C it's wide open. Flash will face BeSt and Hwasin will play UpMagiC. The winners will qualify, the losers will be eliminated.

Group B will feature Leta vs Tester and hero vs fantasy. If Tester is to qualify he need to win his own game and have Fantasy beat hero as well. The more likely outcome is that either Fantasty and Leta goes through or there's a three way tie.

In group A Bisu will face YellOw while Stork takes on July next week. If Bisu beats YellOw and July wins his game there will be a three way tie for the last spot after Bisu. If Bisu loses and Stork wins, there will be a three way tie for both spots while July gets eliminated.

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