GosuCup number five

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The usual time, the usual place, slight change in rules. We're set for installment number five of the GosuCup and we're back to the newer promaps this time. Sign up now and remember to confirm

Thursday 20:00 CET is the time. There has been a slight change in the rules. After much discussion observer stall on turrets is now allowed. If you don't know what that is, it's placing an observer over a constructing turret. This will cause the turret not to fire until the Terran clicks stop on it.


We also have a little interview with the winner of the previous GosuCup, Avi-Love. He's played in a few of these and thought RoX.ALF (who he faced in the final last time) was his hardest opponent due to losing the first game. "It's always hard being behind and having to catch up." he says.

A lot of big names didn't confirm. Do you think that it would've ended differently if they were in the tournament?

Hard to say really, I felt really confident playing on the old maps used in this tournament, I don't think there are a lot of people out there with the same experience that I have. But then again I did lose to Squall in the other GosuCup I played, so it's definitely possible!

You seemed quite upset over the map picks for this tournament, if you got to pick the next map pool which maps would be in it?

Well in my defense, I wasn't really upset as much as disappointed; the only reason I was against using old map is that I really enjoyed the previous gosucups (both playing and watching) and I was afraid that changing the competitive setup would cause a loss in quality. As for which map pool I'd like to see in the next, it'd have to be current progaming maps. IE. Byzantium 2, Colosseum, Tau Cross, Neo Harmony, Return of the king and such.

So you enjoy the tournaments? How do you think we can make them better in both viewer and player perspectives?

I definitely love tournaments, and I'm not sure really - it's hard to get a lot of high-end players without offering cash rewards and such. I definitely think having a stream up for the semi finals / finals is a really great thing for the viewers.

I would like to give a shoutout to Frida, Oskar, Tobias, Marcus and Anders, I love you guys <3

Finally, there will be a GosuCup edition suited for other timezones in the near future so keep an eye out for that.

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