Broodwar AI Project

Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 06 May 2004 07:47
This is an exclusive for Racine_ and BSW_rama from the Broodwar AI Project have finished the New AI for 1.11. Courtesy, yours truly.

This version is of course stronger than the previous one. It has many scripts for every race and even specific 'island' build orders and strategies. It can be played in any map in Melee mode. You can also play it with your friends online in 2v2c 2v3c etc. To be able to play it you and you friends will need to upgrade your AI. To launch the AI use the AI Launcher and simply click and start playing. To return to your normal Broodwar simply restart from the place you usually start your Broodwar (i.e. your usual icon.)

The bulk of the work was done by Canada Racine_ who created literally thousands of lines of AI Script code and spent many nights testing his creation. He is a brilliant individual who has a golden heart. He put many hours of effort into this project to make our dream become a little more real. He also is one of the strongest players at » Entropy. This unique combination permitted him to create a very strong AI.

He had the company of Russia BSW_rama, who constantly criticized (constructively!) his work, added valuable script suggestions, created parts of script and of course also added countless hours of testing. BSW_rama speaks little or no English so you can imagine how hard it was for them to communicate. He is also responsible for the Installer and its 1.11 adaptation. Most of the communication (about 200 emails) was all done through translation software. This speaks of the high intelligence of these two AI programmers to be able to cooperate in this setting. Fortunately they both understood one language: AI script code.

They both played AI war with smaller versions of script to try and obtain better results. BSW_Rama adapted the installer that works with a single download and a single click. The file size is now also modem friendly - 291k - about 3 minutes or so.

We will keep working on this project until we can obtain an AI that can beat a decent player. If the last version beat you, this one will be even harder. To enjoy it fully do not abuse the AI. Play it assuming it is a ‘human’ and use no comp tricks. If your a hot shot try 2v1 no tricks.

These are considered “MODs” by Blizzard. Blizzard does not sanction the use of MODs for personal use and non commercial purposes. In the links below you can read a little information about Blizzard policy on MODs.

Of course, as always, download at you own risk. This is our first beta for the 1.11 version and although we have found no bugs it may have them. What was my part in all this? Me, I am just a dreamer.


Download it at »

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