MSL group E

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MSL is in full motion and it's time for group E! Fake Yellow, Mini Boxer, Grandpa toss and the zerg hero. Who will make it through?

Time for the fifth Lost Saga MSL 2009 group! In the first match, played on Neo Harmony we have the "Fake Yellow" Yellow[ArnC] going up against "Mini Boxer" UpMagic, known for his creative play. YellOw has been doing really good lately in his last ten games losing only a single match to Guemchi. UpMagic is doing pretty good himself but not as good as Yellow. Worth to mention is that their last encounter ended in victory for the swarm.

What about the other two players of this group? "Grandpa toss" aka Much (his nickname comes from him starting his pro career in a late age) and by.hero. Much isn't really known for his PvZ but rather his other matchups and by.hero hasn't really played many games so it can go either way.

I would say YellOw and UpMagic is the favorites of this group since they have been doing so good lately, but anything can happen!

MSL Group E
Match 1 YellOw[ArnC]vs UpMagicNeo Harmony
Match 2 Muchvs by.heroCarthage

YellOw[ArnC] vs UpMagiC

YellOw starts out at the 7 o'clock position while UpMagic gets the 5 o'clock. UpMagic choses to go for a fast gas while our zerg goes 2 hatch muta. YellOws scouting drone soon finds UpMagics base and finds a wall, without expansion. Immediately he puts down a sunken and a hydralisk den while preparing for the worst. During that time UpMagic has constructed a command center and a factory in his base and he has two vultures at his disposal. He sends them to the zerg base while expanding to his natural and adding a second factory and an armory. YellOws hydralisks and sunken fends easily of the vultures and soon the mutalisks are out and at the same time he morphs 3 lurkers. UpMagic has a couple of turrets and goliaths and a tank to defend but as the lurkers and the mutalisks attack, they are all in the main. YellOw places his lurks such that they cut of the ramp and UpMagic cannot save his natural. The natural slowly but surely gets razed. Suddenly UpMagics factory finishes the research. The tank sieges and it seems like the contain soon will be over but YellOw picks of the tank with some mutalisk micro. The natural falls and YellOw soon seals the deal with mass hydra.

Much vs by.hero

The game opens up fairly standard, Much starting with a forge FE and by.hero 12 hatch expand and placing his third hatchery at a third expansion. The game proceeds with some zealot and corsair harassment but nothing special. The action starts when Much moves out with a small force consisting of two archons, a few zealots and a high templar to take his third expansion. by.hero tries to engage but since Much has a small ramp advantage, he retreats. After that the game goes on with by.hero doing some amazing harassing moves, he drops lurkers in Muchs natural and takes out almost every single one of the probes, and the commentators scream at the sight of the probe explosions. by.hero follows that up by using the many paths of the map together with cracklings to over and over counter Much natural. At the second counter by.hero succeeds to snipe the Nexus, and now it's looking bad for our protoss. Much makes a last attempt at pushing out but with his economy in ruins against a by.hero with four running bases and upgraded ultralisks, he soon finds himself crushed and taps out.

Winner's Match

ZvZ! YellOw goes for a gas before pool build to quickly get a lair and spire up while by.hero makes a 12 pool gas. Both players makes a small amount of lings and then places their second hatchery almost at the same time. A small difference tho, YellOw choses to place it beneath his ramp while by.hero expands to his natural. With his faster spire YellOw makes a couple of scourges to kill some morphing mutalisks but they are quickly fended off. YellOw soon sweeps in over by.heros sporeless natural with a significantly larger group of mutalisks than by.hero has. With a little micro by.hero finds that all his mutalisks are dead and concedes defeat.

Loser's Match

Much vs UpMagic. UpMagic, like he often does, goes for a risky build, command center before factory while Much does a 2 gate goon build. Much starts to pressure UpMagics natural but a bunker has just been built and UpMagic is repairing for his life. Soon a tank enters the battle and together with siege mode the dragoons has to back of. During that time Much has built a templar archives and two dark templars is heading for UpMagics base. UpMagics gets up a turret. Much knows he has to do some damage with his dark templars and makes a bold move, charging all of his dragoons into UpMagics natural to take out the single turret, but UpMagic who together with very good building placement and repairing scvs fends of the attack without any losses. During that time Much has gotten his natural up and is teching to fast arbiters! UpMagics 4 factorys is up and soon his army rolls out for a timing push, his goal: hit his opponent before the arbiters reach full effect. It soon gets intense as UpMagics force is outside Much natural. Together with the arbiters cloaking he gets of some amazing mine drags, but it's not enough to break the push. Much realizes he cannot break out, and sends an arbiter for a recall. The recal l goes down in UpMagics main without any problems and apparently Much has a plan as he sends a group of goons at once to the terran natural, and targets the scan! UpMagic unsieges and moves into Muchs natural, killing the Nexus and siegeing up, but once he realizes he only has a single scan left, his third base at his mineral only. He quickly unsieges home to save his base. He destroys Much remaining forces at his main and it looks over for Much, with just his main base remaining, a group of goons and zealots and three arbiters. He tries to get a recall of, but as his arbiters are destroyed he taps out.


UpMagic at bottom vs by.hero at top. The map is Destination. UpMagic opens with the same build as he did vs YellOw[ArnC] in the first game. Factory with addon and vulture speed into command center. by.hero scouts it with a couple of lings and decides to go mass hydra in response. UpMagic expands and adds factories and when he as 4 vultures he charges into by.heros natural, killing a couple of drones. During the runby, UpMagic has sent up his first tank which is soon to be reinforced with speed vultures with mines. With some micro UpMagic kills a few hydras and backs home as his vultures are out of mines. by.hero cannot hunt down the tank as he still has slow overlords, and he doesn't want to fall in a mine trap. Soon by.heros slow overlord reaches UpMagics natural and he rushes in with two groups of hydras. UpMagics takes all his scvs from his natural to defend and with a nice block he kills loads of hydras while by.hero quickly retreats. by.hero amasses a new force of hydralisks and attempts another natural break, but with again some good scv micro and sieged tanks his hydralisks are soon all dead. As UpMagic kills even more drones by.hero gives up, knowing that he has lost too many units and drones to come back.

YellOw[ArnC] and UpMagic advances!
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