New gosubet season

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Out with the old, in with the new! The old GosuBet season for December has been over for a few days now and of course a new started right away. We present you the winners of GosuBet December 2008!

For some it was probably the pleasant surprise of suddenly having minerals again from being at 0 after after not even bother resetting when they'd realised how bad they were at GosuBetting anyway. And for quite a few others it probably meant the painful loss of several thousand. And for some it meant "Finally! I made it! I'm still on the top!" Those few who shouted that when the season ended are the ones presented below. Give them a hearty applaud as they showed that they knew the StarCraft, WarCraft III and DotA scenes better than the rest of you!

And the winners of December 2008 are, as presented below in the tables!

Winners of GosuBet December 2008
3Czech Republicxaler]dk[GermanySpeedy-Russiafusion.moon
4United StatesvisFrancew3aMaSterGermanyMr.Schug
5United StatesverGe.GenuineSwedenZipparnGermanyKyopo

These 15 will, appart from eternal glory and fame, also recieve points for our Star Leveling system for their success in the GosuBet.

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