iloveoov returns as playing coach

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 28 October 2008 11:58
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The widely popular Terran player Choi Yun Sung alias iloveoov who took a step back to coach his team SKT T1 instead of being an active player, found no cure for the itch. Fomos reported today that the Monster Terran opts for a comeback, as the first ever playing coach.

His mind change was for the love for the game.
- I really wanted to play the game, so I returned as a playing coach, says iloveoov. However, his current shape is not as cutting edge as it was before.

- I think that my current skill ability is the lowest in the team and my wrist still hurts so when I play more than 25 games in a day, I overstrain myself, explains iloveoov.

In the next month, ilovoeov will try and qualify for the two StarLeagues. He also explains he will make an effort to become a regular ProLeague player by playing internal ranking matches in the team.
- If I play harder, there could be some good results, says iloveoov.

iloveoov is mostly known in the foreign scene for his gold medal in World Cyber Games 2006, but also holds three MGCGame StarLeague titles and two OnGameNet StarLeague titles.

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