Blizzcon 2008 StarCraft Champion

StarCraft Roy “Phantom” Kwan

In a return to defend his Blizzcon title, sAviOr defeats Nada 2:0 to take home the Frostmourne and promises much more victories to come.

In a post-match interview with United States Nick 'Tasteless' Plott, the champion Korea Ma 'sAviOr' Jae Yoon addressed the crowd in the best English that he had stating, "I will destroy everyone, okay? In 2009, thank you." This had triggered a chorus of cheers from the crowd as the 3 time MSL champion, and 1 time OSL title holder proudly displayed his English skills. In the crowd were many StarCraft fans as well as fellow team mate United States Greg 'IdrA' Fields, possibly a source of tips on English.

sAviOr reached out to his fans by stating that he plans to win big in 2009 and has breathed life back into the confidence in his fans and himself. Since the end of last year, sAviOr was in a downward spiral into a slump that many had thought he would not come out of. The Maestro fell short of a second OSL title, a 4th MSL title and was almost transparent in his ProLeague matches.

sAviOr's win over Nada ends a two day tournament where we saw a total of 30 games in 14 matches with sAviOr finishing with a perfect 8:0 record. A notable match was IdrA vs Korea Hong 'Yellow' Jin Ho where IdrA took the match 2:0 scoring one match for the foreigners. IdrA would later be knocked out of the tournament in the Loser's bracket to Korea Huh 'JangBi' Young Moo. The only other foreigner player to attend was Italy Carlo 'Cloud' Giannacco who finished with a disappointing record of 0:4.

Interview with sAviOr by Tasteless

Blizzcon 2008 - Tournament Brackets
Roy “Phantom” Kwan