WWI 2008 closes

StarCraft Jonatan “Mazor” Littke

GosuGamers say thanks and au revoir to the World Wide Invitationals 2008. Here's a recap of the best of the two days!


Photo: Blizzard

We gave you live updates on all the clues and splash screens of the new game.

The minute we knew, we published the announcement of Diablo 3 and gave you live updates from it.

We reported how all the Koreans advanced in the StarCraft tournament including a smaller photo album from the first day.

A short interview with Dreiven was posted and when Stork beat sAviOr.


We gave you a summary of the SC2 game panel and a blog post on how we enjoyed SC2.

We updated live about Stork's victory in the StarCraft tournament and added more photos from that.

We covered the StarCraft 2 questions and answers where 17 relevant questions were covered by Samwise.

We reported about the first staged match of SC2 where Blizzard lost to the community.

On top of that our GosuBet team have managed the matches and results to give you the latest from the tournaments.

We thank you for following our coverage and for giving us the chance to be your eyes at WWI. We would appreciate your feedback on the coverage in the comments below, and will be sure to bring you more news from future events!
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