Draco: 'I don't like PvP - it's unpredictable'

StarCraft Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

Draco seems uncomfortable going up against NonY in the semi final. They have never played each other before, and Draco has not seen him play at all.
- It's again PvP so I'm not confident at all, says the Polish star.

draco_250.jpgReaching the playoffs, the betters and predictors did not believe too much in the former progamer, but after putting up a good show versus player after player, Draco quickly turned into the favorite, who is voted as the player who is most likely to win TeamLiquid StarLeague, both at TeamLiquid and GosuGamers.

The games versus White-Ra ended in a close 3-2 score. Despite being down 0-1 and 1-2 he was never nervous nor worried during the matches.

- I pulled myself together and decided to play more safe. Anyway I was mentally ready to lose the whole match in every moment. I know that I lack of practice and it would be only my fault, he says, and adds that he never has had any expectations throughout the tournament.

On Saturday he will play NonY, and he really doesn't like the fact that he is facing yet another Protoss players.
- I really don't like to play PvP because it's so unpredictable, a lot depends on builds and micro which I lack nowadays, he says and mentions that it is easier to play a Terran since you can win with your experience.

Draco also says that he did not feel confident on the maps before playing versus White-Ra in the quarter final.
- Othello and Wuthering [Heights] are completely new maps for me and my builds were based only on map editor since unfortunately I didn't find the time to practice again, he says.

He also says that even though he might find the time to practice before the semi final, there are not many worthy practice partners.
- Believe me or not but I again played only one game before the match against White-Ra.

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