Starcraft: Brood War replay commands revealed

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol at 09 October 2009 12:57

You may all recall we did use programs (or you may call them "extensions", "plugins" and etc.) to make watching Starcraft replays more enjoyable experience. Well, I didn't know and I bet you didn't too - we already got some commands implemented in game itself.

Anyways, we don't know if Blizzard did put this function in some of latest patches or it is there from "stone age" but it's there. To be honest, first time I heard and seen this stuff was at forum post or to be precise - on Liquipedia. Fire up your favorite Starcraft: Brood War replay and try these out:

/replay show kills Shows the number of kills.
/replay show razings Shows the number of razings.
/replay show slaughter Shows the slaughter leaderboard.
/replay show resources Shows the resources.
/replay show minerals Shows the minerals.
/replay show gas Shows the gas.
/replay show score Shows the total score.
/replay show score units Shows the units score.
/replay show score buildings Shows the buildings score.
/replay show score kills Shows the kills score.
/replay show score razings Shows the razings score.
/replay show score user Shows the custom score.
/replay hide Hides the leaderboard.

Nothing special and nothing extraordinary but it's good find, don't you agree? It's interesting how people didn't know about this and many of players were left in ave how come they didn't realized this implementation is in game.

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