BRAT_OK vs Terror[fou] - Important Info!

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Some of you might have already seen the news about this match. Its date happens to be today, but before you happily bet and sit down to watch the games, please read this and accept our most sincere apologies...

Yes, apologies. In the name of MarCoon, man behind the showmatch, I am most sorry to announce that we misled you. Due to trivial, yet fatal mistake in both inner communication and mistake-ckeching we failed to realise that we told you, the community, wrong player. BRAT_OK's opponent will not be STX Soul Zerg, retired progamer Lee Chul Min (Terror), but Hite Sparkyz Zerg trainee Jeon Young Joon (Terror[fou]). Mistake might sound silly to some, but we know that many of you might feel deceived and cheated and we are once again most sincerely sorry. We can't turn back the time, only try to make event go as smoothly as possible.

In pursuit of forgiveness we have already fixed the GosuBet and posted this news with both information and apologies few hours before the event. The stream, as promised, will be up in our GosuStream.

The time of showmatch is today, 30.09.2009, at 20:00 CET. As to players, I think there is no need to introduce Russian superstar BRAT_OK - famous Terran, arguably one of the best non-Korean ones. He took part in many events, defeated hordes of enemies, won countless games. But what about today? Will he be able to destroy all hatcheries of Jeon Young Joon? For those of you who don't know him yet - his origin is Korean and as already mentioned he trains in Hite Sparkyz house. He hasn't gained the progamer status yet, but don't be surprised if he does so in the upcoming year or two - he plays a lot and has excellent training partners. Rumours say that he plays on ICCup, just like we do, and reached A rank. The maps are as follow:

#1 Destination
#2 Heartbreak Ridge
#3 Blue Storm
#4 Outsider
#5 Python

To make everything as clear as possible, please also take a look at starting times!
Time to start watching
Europe CET 20:00
Russia Moscow 22:00
Korea Seoul 03:00

Replays won't be available straght after the games due to WCG Russia. We have to provide BRAT_OK at least a little bit of privacy about his tactics. We will release them as soon as possible.

Also, please comment and rate the games on as we are always willing to hear out your opinion about our effort to bring you best Starcraft content available.

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