iCCup victim for new hack threats

Posted by Darryl "warrior-350-" Cleveland at 11 August 2009 22:44
Today, a new hacking software was released, that allows the hacker to bypass any security that iCCup's AntiHack had in place. We are currently waiting for a status report from iCCup.

Following can be found in the annotation to the downloaded file:

iCCup bypassing software. Allows users to use 3rd party programs of their choice on iCCup servers. As you all know, iCCup was designed for StarCraft competition, but they were too strict and rejected. Harmless 3rd party software being loaded with the game. This software is the cure for that restriction and will allow you to use as much 3rd party software as you'd like (as long as they are compatible with each other)!"

The hack has been tested with various third part programs, and is said to be working. So far it's been downloaded only 120 times. We can assume that iCCup in this very moment is taking care of the problem and shut it out soon, while in the meantime also catch some extra cheaters.

This post is to inform you to be aware of the possibility of being hacked against on iCCup at this very moment. For the moment, we are currently waiting for iCCup to solve the issue and remove the threat. It is uncertain how long this may take.

Anyone caught using this program will be banned from all GosuGamers future events indefinitely.


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