sGPL Playoffs

StarCraft Kevin “Vem” Hill
Under certain circumstances Brazil HellGhost[pG] could not compete in the playoffs, leaving Sweden ToT)TreK(PL an open spot in the finals. But, we still had the big German clash left! The two big lords of germany, Germany ToT)Mondragon( and Germany FiSheYe[pG], facing eachother. First map to be played, Nostalgia. As always, the second map is loser's pick out of these maps;

Gaema Gowon
Plains to Hill
JRs Memory
Dahlia of Jungle
Forbidden Zone


The two big German players, Germany Mondragon, the mighty zerg user, and Germany Fisheye, the well-known protoss user and the runner-up of the WCG 2003, . The winner of these two will face Sweden TreK in the final. As in the Group Stages, it is best out of three and then loser's pick. Here we go!

Oddson reporting~!!1

Game 1 - The winner at 6 o`clock

First map, Nostalgia, ToT)Mondragon( @5 and FiSheYe[pG] @ 11. Mondragon fast expands his natural expansion and so does Fisheye. Fisheye went pylon>nexus>forge. Mondragon spots his expansion and with a smart move he steals his gas. While Fisheye builds up his base Mondragon goes for fast lurkers.

Mondragon expanded further to the nearest expansion @6, Fisheye spotted it with his scout probe and hid a few cannons out of sight from Mondragon which killed the expansion when they were done morphing.
The first one to attack was Mondragon. With a 20 ling army and a few lurkers he sets sail for Fisheyes expansion. Unfortunately, Fisheye did not have any observers yet.

Mondragon spreads out his lurkers and harasses him good. But Fisheye kept his coolness and eventually he got his observer and killed the lurkers. Mondragon expanded @3 and at @2 main. With good scouting by Fisheye he could see them early, and finish them off early. Even with a few mutalisk attacking his zealots, Fisheye continued attacking the hatchery until it were dead.

Fisheye now expands @6 where he already has backup by a few cannons, meanwhile Mondragon dual expands @7. With a few guardians Mondragon harasses Fisheye's expansion @6. After killing a few cannons Mondragon sends a backup support to finish off the expansion. Fisheye replies with a massive counterattack against the expansion @7. Mondragon retreated his attack to give support to the defence at his expansions, but it was too much for Mondragon so he launched a counterattack at Fisheye's main.

That didn't turn out to well so Mondragon decided to kill the expansion @6 instead. Fisheye then replied with an expansion @2. After killing the expansion @6 Mondragon also expanded at the same place, but Fisheye didnt like that so he sent his big army and bullied the exp until it died.

So from now on, they expand and counterattack their opponents exp, and then again, and again. But now they are getting short on resources. Mondragon seizes the expansion @6 while Fisheye tries to gather 400 minerals for a nexus. Fisheye is running across the map, desperatly trying to stop Mondragon from expanding further. Finally Fisheye attacks Mondragon's main with his remaining forces but Mondragon's got more units and Fisheye gives up.

fishvsmondi1.jpgMondragon - Fisheye 1-0

Game 2 - Immortal Command Center

Fisheye chose Forbidden Zone as the second map. Fisheye at upper right and Mondragon at upper left. Since Mondragon picked random(T) Fisheye went for a safe build, fast corsairs. Mondragon, who ended up as terran, went for a fast expansion.

Going fastexpo seems like a natural choice on an island map if the opponent does not know your race. Because the odds that your opponent goes the "wrong" build is quite high. Well anyway, Fisheye's corsairs didnt do that much except giving him the opportunity to scout the map and discover Mondragon's race. He found out that he was terran and fast expanded so he decided to go for a reaver drop and harass his main, since it most likely didn't get that much defence support due to the expo who also needed support.

Fisheye drops a reaver in Mondragons main causing some damage to a few turrets, Mondragons got a decent defence so that Fisheye can't cause any further damage. A few moments later Fisheye's back with 2 shuttles loaded with some reavers and goons. He drops them by the minerals and manages to kill a few of Mondragons scv's.

Not a single calm moment for Mondragon, with 2 gateways below his main, Fisheye now has a nice pump and launches a heavy attack against Mondragons main. With constant backup from his factories Mondragon manages to keep his command center alive, Fisheye pretty much destroyed everything else. While building up his expansion again Mondragon sent a dropship loaded with 2 tanks to Fisheyes main. With siegemode and some nice aiming he blew up 12~ probes.

Fisheye expanded his natural expansion and seconds later he launched an army more deadly than the earlier one. Hightemplars storming scvs and tanks and reavers blowing sh*t(?) up. But Mondragon took it easy and eventually he got rid of Fisheye's forces, although he lost numerous scvs.

But somehow I've got the feeling that Fisheye really wanted that expo going down, a minute later or so he launched an attack again, a bigger army, an army built for one purpose, to kill Mondragons f*cking expansion. Fisheye killed a lot of units and scvs, but he lost a lot of units himself, Mondragon won the battle again. Fisheye now only receives income from his expansion since his main is empty of resources.

Both players are now expanding, Fisheye expands the bottom right main expo while Mondragon expands the top left middle expansion. Mondragon sent 3 dropships loaded with tanks to Fisheye's "island" expansion. At the same time Fisheye was getting ready for an attack, again. So while Mondragon blew up his expansion Fisheye attacked. Fisheye suffered a bitter defeat, but he killed a lot of Mondragon's units, but nothing else.

Mondragon now had a nice income and a nice pump, the "Mondi-macro-war" has just begun. He constantly attacked Fisheye from different angles and places. Fisheye was forced to run across the map, but he had to little income and to few gateways to make a good macro from. After killing Fisheye's island expo, wich he had rebuilt, and his other expo it was pretty much over. With a last attempt of survival Fisheye attacked the army and then gave up.

fishvsmondi2.jpgMondragonm - Fisheye 2-0

Match overview
Germany Mondragon
> Germany Fisheye
» 1-0
Germany Mondragon
> Germany Fisheye
Forbidden Zone
» 2-0


With Hellgohst and Fisheye out we've got two players left. Hellghost who had to forfeit because of certain reasons will end up in 4th place, and Fisheye ends up in 3rd place. The two remaining players will fight for the most prestigious prize, to end up in 1st place the FIRST season. I give you two of the top players in europe playing a best of FIVE series. Ladies and gentlemen:

In the red corner we have;
Name:Cristoph Semke
From:Germany Neumarkt, Germany
Info:Lost to TreK in the BKC final a few weeks ago and lost to TreK in the sG King of the Hill 3-4.
Mondragon's form is skyhigh and the urge for revenge will most likely give him the victory.
And in the blue corner we have;
Name:Fredrik Nelson
From:Sweden Danderyd, Sweden
Info:Probably the deadliest random user in europe. He has proven himself a top player with number 1 spots in various tournaments. His victories against Mondragon may be a psychological advantage which will help him defeat him yet again.
Oddson reporting~!!1

Game 1 - If you cheeze me, i'll kill you

First map to be played, Gaema Gowon. TreK at upper right and Mondragon at bottom right. Mondragon goes for fast expansion at his gas natural, hatch->pool. TreK goes for a 2 barrack pump.

TreK spots Mondragon early with his scout-scv and decides to cheeze him out early. He sets up a bunker close to the exphatchery and he gets backup from a LOT of scvs, he has barely any left in his main. Mondragon sets up a sunken as early as possible to help kill the bunker. TreK attacks the sunken with 6~ scvs while the rest try to repair the bunker.

With some nice zergling skill Mondragon kills the scvs one by one, preventing them from repairing any further, and then he kills the marines aswell. Mondragon counterattacks with everything he has (well not with his drones as TreK did). TreK has got a few marines in his main but the zerglings were more, the zerglings got in and they tore the main apart.

trekvsmondi1.jpgMondragon - TreK 1-0

Game 2 - What happened?

TreK chose Nostalgia as second map. Mondragon at bottom right and TreK at bottom left. TreK went for late dual factories and Mondragon one gate fast goonrange.

Instead of building a goon Mondragon built a zealot first and then a dragoon to fast goonrange. TreK built a machine shop on his first factory and researched spider mine while building a tank. As soon as Mondragon got his first dragoon, he attacked. He harassed a lot since TreK was a little late with his tank. Mondragon kept coming with more dragoons and TreK was becoming out numbered. TreK's spider mine tech was done and Mondragon was building a robotics support at home.

TreK lost his first tank to Mondragons goonrange and after that Mondragon got into TreK's base after destroying his supply depot, which TreK used as a wall. TreKs second tank, a few vultures and some scvs tried to kick the goons out but, after Mondragon killed the tank it was game over for TreK.

trekvsmondi2.jpg Mondragon - TreK 2-0

Game 3 - If you do that again, i'll kill you

TreK chose JRs Memory as the next map. TreK at the top and Mondragon the bottom. Mondragon went for the same build as in the previous game, 1 gate fast goonrange, zealot then goon. TreK built a standard wall, 2 supplies then a barrack.

TreK scouted the map with 2 scvs, so he could find Mondragon early. He found him on the last try and then he started to build 2 barracks hidden outside Mondragon's main, after he finished the wall at home. A tricky strat which Mondragon fell for. Mondragon attacked just as he did the last game, 1 zealot and 1 goon. While TreK was pumping marines out of his 2 proxy barracks he also trained marines at home. As soon as Mondragon attacked with his 2 units, TreK attacked Mondragon.

TreK's 5-6 marines at home killed the zealot quite fast and then killed the goon. At the same time TreK invaded Mondragon's main with his 10~ marines and more were on the way. With his huge army he also brought his 2 scvs and started to build 2 bunkers. Mondragon managed to kill the scvs preventing them from finishing the bunkers. But TreK kept coming with more and more marines and Mondragon couldnt fight it anymore.

trekvsmondi3.jpgMondragon - TreK 2-1

Game 4 - Mek

Mondragon chose the old and famous map Lost Temple. TreK at the bottom and Mondragon at the top. Mondragon went for a cheezy 9pool build and TreK went for a wall-in to dual fact.

Mondragon attacked early with his 9pool zerglings and they slipped through the wall, causing some serious harassment. TreK managed to kill them after loosing a couple of scvs. Instead of sending more zerglings Mondragon built 2 hatcheries instead, one at the expansion and one below his choke. TreK built his 2 factories and researched vulture speed and started building some vultures.

TreK now moving out of his main with his 7~ vultures. He tries to get into Mondragons main but Mondragon blocks his choke with a few zerglings. TreK is forced to retreat due to the sunkens attacking him causing serious damage. Mondragon has a spire ready any second and TreK's building an armory at home. Both players now take it a bit easy, Mondragon's building some mutalisks now while TreK's got a few goliaths at home and some vultures standing ground outside Mondragon.

As soon as Mondragons gets his first mutalisks he sets sail for TreK's main. On the way Mondragon spots the vultures and he chases them all the way to TreK's main. The mutalisks do a great job harassing TreK, although TreK keeps his calm and eventually chases them away. Shortly after, Mondragon was back again now with some hydralisks, zerglings and mutalisks. At the same time, TreK tried to expand and TreK did all he could to kill the attack. He did a great job but Mondragon had a nice macro going and the second wave of backup TreK could not stop.

trekvsmondi4.jpg Mondragon - TreK 3 -1

Match overview
Germany Mondragon
> Sweden TreK
Gaema Gowon
» 1-0
Germany Mondragon
> Sweden TreK
» 2-0
Sweden TreK
> Germany Mondragon
JRs Memory
» 2-1
Germany Mondragon
> Sweden TreK
Lost Temple
» 3-1

Interview with Mondragon

oddson: Hey Mondi.

  • mondragon: Hi! :D
oddson: Let's do the boring stuff already, Name, Age, From, ID and Race?

  • mondragon: Christoph, 17, Germany, ToT)Mondragon(, Zerg.
oddson: YOU JUST WON THE FIRST SGPL, HOW DOES IT FEEL? *imagine there's millions of cute girls around you atm*

  • mondragon: Hahahaha :D It's ok ... but it would be better if trek did not hack before. -_-
oddson: How does it feel to win against TreK after losing to him in like BKC and our Koth?

  • mondragon: It feels good, but i don't know how "legal" he played in BKC or Koth. :P
oddson: How is your relationship to TreK, are you mad at him for hacking or do you put the gaming thing aside and get along as friends?

  • mondragon: My relationship to TreK was good ... Firstly it was ok as he apologized himelf for "those games". But as I heard that he lied to me I got some mad... Since that we just had a small talk. There is not nothing more to say about this. Lets see. :P
oddson: Do you consider TreK a great player, even though he has hacked, or do you believe that he has hacked most of his games?

  • mondragon: Trek is a great player, even without hack. I think he is below the Top 5 of Europe. As far as I know he didn't hack vs me in the officials games we made. I think most of his games were "clean".
oddson: Which players would you like to see in the next season?

  • mondragon: Willet, Zelotito, Tomson, Ovvi, aCe and sYs (if he starts playing again).
oddson: Do you think the skill level was high in this league? Like good players and so?

  • mondragon: Yea, the skill level was high. It is funny to play with those good players =)
oddson: Do you like the group concept, or do you fancy league-system (all vs all)? People consider both as "most skill". plz motivate your answer (<-- lol teacher's words ^^)

  • mondragon: hehe... i just talked with Mazor about that. I told him that 2 groups with 8 players (all vs all) would be great. After playing there should be playoffs. Group A#1 vs Group B#2 and Group A#2 vs Group B#1.
oddson: Who was hardest opponent?

  • mondragon: Fisheye was my hardest opponent
oddson: Now's your chance to officially flame the admins, what do you think of the admins and their work?

  • mondragon: The management of dates and games could be much better. But the admins are nice :D
oddson: Are you looking forward to the next season?

  • mondragon: Sure !
oddson: Are there any maps you would like to add to next season

  • mondragon: Enter The Dragon should be added. It is a great map =)
oddson: Any comments about the final?

  • mondragon: Final was cheesewar:D It weren't very good games. The 4. game was ok but nothing exciting
oddson: Will we see Mondragon compete in the upcoming WCG and CPL?

  • mondragon: I think so ;)
oddson: Well, i ain't got any questions left. Any final words?

  • mondragon: Thx, some greetings to ToT, Ewa, Break, Ilvy and btw: owns!
oddson: LATER DUDE

  • mondragon: Later! :]
Kevin “Vem” Hill
AKA: BoNe-Neo, Neo[oS], Crew.mySt GG-oddson