The Competitive Recap: We listed what you might have missed (May 19th - May 25th)

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There are a lot of things to keep track of in the Overwatch scene and it's become increasingly difficult to keep up with it all. Never fear as the GosuGamers Competitive Recap is here! We've compiled all the Overwatch news that's fit to print.

Released every week, the Competitive Recap compiles all the tournament and important news that's happened over the last seven days. Whether you're interested in big news, or want to stay updated on changes in teams, you can always tune in every week to see if there's anything you've missed.

Important News:


You are all invited to Overwatch's 1 year anniversary

Overwatch was officially released one year ago, can you believe how long it has been?

“A foundation for greatness” – Blizzard reveals big plans introducing Overwatch Contenders

Blizzard finally revealed their plans for the esports scene before the Overwatch League kicks off.

May 23rd: Celebrate the Overwatch Anniversary with skins and balance tweaks

Alongside the Anniversary event came a bunch of balance changes.

Tournament News:


Hammers receive TakeOver 2 invite, only one more team left

Hammers continues to do good work in the Overwatch scene as their new roster was good enough to get an invite from TakeTV.


Unique GosuGamers Content:


Overwatch’s 1st Birthday: How the meta has changed

We looked back at a full year of Overwatch metas through the best tournaments of the last year.


Team News:


It’s confirmed: Kaiser is headed for Cloud9

Korean superstar Kaiser has made the step to move to NA, joining and reinforcing Cloud9.

Iceblock.gg has joined the game

Some of the best French free agents have grouped together under the new Iceblock brand.


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