Announcing the winners of €1,000 GosuGamers readership survey

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

See which of the GosuGamers who helped us improve got a piece of the survey prize.

In March, we asked you, the loyal readership of GosuGamers to help us improve your experience on the site so we can make it better, faster and richer. And since we value your opinion strongly, we put a total of €1,000 in store credit for you to win!

We have a total of 27 GosuShop vouchers to hand out, which you can use to purchase dope eSports apparel and merchandise, and we have the winners listed below, hailing from 23 different countries!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the survey and helped make GosuGamers an even better eSports coverage portal!

€100 winner:

Philippines Julius Anthony Zamudio

50 winners:

United States Kevin Robinson
Sweden Mikael Svensson
New Zealand Jae Ryu
Germany Paul Kapfer
Mexico Yuri Alvarez
Philippines Juan Marco Alfonso C. Montenegro
Russia Ilya Dibrov
India Hardik Waghela
Canada Christopher Joe
Australia Samuel Su

€25 winners:

United Kingdom Bartholomew Hall
Romania Robert Marian Lupu
Hungary Krolikowski Márton
Czech Republic DoktorZhor
Poland Jakub Wierzbanowski
Brazil André Silva dos Santos
Philippines Jason Vitug
Netherlands Anthony Sutera
United Kingdom Kevin Morales
Spain Javi Rubio
Estonia Ander Lees
Norway Stian Lindberg
Greece Dimitrios Fourlas
Italy Alessandro Di Cosimo
Romania Rares Miclea
Iceland Hinrik Már Hreinsson

We will contact the winners promptly and they will be able to collect their winnings until August 4th, 23:59 CEST. If a prize remains uncollected, new winner for it will be drawn.