Hearthstone is in open beta! We ask you: Which class do you fancy the most?

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Since this week, everyone who wants to test Blizzard's free to play card game Hearthstone is allowed to do so as the game is now in open beta. Curious to see how our community likes the game we ask you: "Which Hearthstone class do you fancy the most?"

With its nine classes, Hearthstone offers a large variety of playstyles and spells that fit to any player's preferences, be it the healing powers of Paladins and Priests, the direct damage output of the Mage or the relentless aggression of the Hunter. Our control-oriented crew has been favoring Druids, Shamans and Rogues recently but which class got your attention?

Regardless of if you're a Hearthstone player for months now or just got to download it, join the discussion in our forums! 

You can also hop to our ("hidden" for now) Hearthstone section and browse around. You will find in-depth guides for most of the classes, decklists as well as all the updates from the scene.