Four more stretch goals added to the Compendium

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor


Four more stretch goals have been added to reward players from buying the Compendium. These rewards include the addition of HUD, taunt items and the rights to vote for the next hero Valve release.

Four further stretch goals have been added to the Compendium this morning and the community is just $15,615 from the next stretch goals which. At the time of publication, the prize pool of The International 3 was at $1,984,385, a 24% percent increase from the initial $1,600,000.


New stretch goals

$2,000,000 – A custom HUD skin for all Compendium owners
$2,200,000 – A Taunt item with a brand new animation for all Compendium owners
$2,400,000 – Vote on participants in an 8 player Solo Championship (1 vs 1) at The International
$3,200,000 – Choose the next hero we release


The addition of four more stretch goals was most probably due to the community hitting the targets really early and the ex-third stretch goal being too far apart from the second goal.

Perhaps if 480,000 people would buy the Compendium, we will finally get Techies.

The last stretch goal was met two days ago and despite the delays in implementing the mounted couriers, Valve delivered yesterday, adding more stretch goals to reward players for supporting The International 3. $2.50 will be donated to the prize pool of The International 3 on every purchase of the Compendium.

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