Kaipi replaces eL`Pride in Star Series VI

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor


Viewers will be seeing more of Kaipi as the latter has just qualified for Star Series VI after beating USH, eL`Pride, and Next.kz in the qualifiers. Kaipi is now 'en route' to face mousesports in the grand final of Bigpoint Battle at 20:00 CEST.

Kaipi was undefeated tonight in the Star Series VI qualifier as it speared through Lions Pride, USH, and Next.kz to qualify for the main event.

The qualifier game started shortly after the end of the game between Kaipi and Team Liquid in the semi-finals of BigPoint Battle. The red hot mix team is now 'en route' to face mousesports in the Bigpoint Battle's Grand final.

Line-up for Star Series VI:

Sweden Alliance
Europe Fnatic
Russia Virtus.pro
Russia Empire
Ukraine Na`Vi
Sweden 4FC
Germany Mousesports
Russia RoX.KIS
France dd.dota
Europe Kaipi
Sweden TCM Gaming
Russia iCCup
Belarus PR
Europe Vivacity
Europe QPandas
Russia zRAGE

The news of the qualifier -to replace Lions Pride in the Star Series- came two days ago on Starladder's website. The main reason for the replacement was due to players from the late Lions Pride leaving the team. Lions Pride did form a new roster with renown players such as Sylvester 'Link' Hoelgaard and other notable players from 3DMAX. Nonetheless the new roster disappointingly lost all their games in the qualifier.

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