Six English casters invited to TI3 today

General Danio “xiaoduizhang” Liu

TobiWan, LD, Ayesee and Luminous had been invited to The International 3 as the English casters of the tournament. No news about GoDz or the boys from TheGDStudio have surfaced, although they are expected to be invited shortly too.

As we receive more and more information about The International 3, four English casters have also announced their invitation to Seattle for Valve's annual Dota 2 event.

The first English caster to announce their invitation was Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson, followed shortly after by Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers. Both were the main casters of The International 2 and will be making their return to Seattle to be the main casters this year.

Just moments ago, David 'LD' Gorman and David 'Luminous' Zhang tweeted that they will also be heading to Seattle this August.


The first caster announced to be participating in The International 3 was LaoDang, an uprising Chinese caster, on the 3rd of April. This was followed by waves of Russian and Chinese caster invites before Valve got to the English broadcasters.

Casters invited so far:

Australia TobiWan
United States Ayesee
United States Luminous
United States LD
Ukraine CaspeRRR
Ukraine v1lat
China Haitao
China Melody
China LaoDang

The boys from TheGDStudio have not tweeted anything of the sort but are expected to be invited shortly. David 'GoDz' Parker, strategy panelist from The International 2, has also not received his invitation.



Draksyl from TheGDStudio has also been invited to The International 3



-Update 2-

GoDz tweeted that he will be heading to Seattle to be on the panel again.

Source: LD Twitter, Luminous Twitter