twista and Mitch join Empire, Vigoss inactive

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As expected, former mousesports captain twista will join Team Empire permanently. He is joined by Mitch, whereas Vigoss is declared to go inactive for a while.

Team Empire announces the acquisition of former mousesports captain twista. In addition, former Darer player Mitch joins the team as well. The Russians are still a man short as Vigoss is announced to go inactive.

These changes are not a big surprise, seeing as twista has been playing as a stand-in for two weeks now. Vigoss is not yet leaving the team, but it is to be expected, seeing has his performances have been lackluster.

Statement by Visar 'twiSta' Zymberi:

"It's been a long time since i was involved in the competetive scene. But i am very happy and excited to announce that i have finally found the team and the players that i truely want to work with. I am very thankfull that Empire as an organisation but also the players have put so much trust and faith into me and i will make sure that we wont dissapoint. I wont sit and tell you guys that WE WILL BE THE BEST EVER, cause that would be a lie, but i can tell you that WE WILL WORK THE HARDEST and have a very strict training regime to become the best. Once again i would like to thank my team mates for such an opportunity and Empire and its sponsors. Keep supporting us!"
Statement by Damir 'Mitch' Škaričić:

"When I was contacted by Empire, I felt delighted to be offered a chance like this as this team consists of some of the best players not just in the Russia, but of the wholeDota 2 scene itself. Having a players like Scandal and Blowyourbrain in team is something that every Dota 2 player would prefer. We are full of enthusiasm and looking forward to complete the roster and training with the new team after a long time out of the competitive scene.

twista was the captain of mousesport's first Dota 2 squad. He was eventually booted to make space for Canadian player 1437 and has not been part of a competitive established team since then.

Mitch was one of many players for Darer, without ever being able to really prove himself though.

Vigoss has been part of the Empire squad for a few months now, but his performances have not been as good as expected and his departure might see the comeback of Scandal in the midlane. Scandal has moved onto Offlane and Support to accomodate to his team's needs in the meantime.

Rumor has it that Na'Vi player LightOfHeaven, who has been inactive for the past two months, might join a new team soon, possibly Team Empire.

Current Empire roster:

Norway Visar 'twiSta' Zymberi (Captain)
Russia Vladislav 'blowyourbrain' Morozyuk
Russia Roman 'Scandal' Sadotenkov
Croatia Damir 'Mitch' Skaricic

Russia Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev (inactive)