Fnatic.EU jumps two spots in TPL week eight

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor

The ninth week of The Premier League will begin today with Team Liquid, current first placer going up against Mousesports. Fnatic.EU has jumped two spots to rank second coming into week nine.

Since our last update two weeks ago, Fnatic.EU has jumped two spots and find themselves in second place after winning PaiN Gaming and Absolute Legends.

On the other hand, Virtus.Pro, former second placer lost their third consecutive game and this time, against Team Dignitas. This is also VP's second consecutive loss after giving Alexander 'Santa' Koltan the boot. VP dropped two places in ranking.

Kaipi has replaced PaiN Gaming on the 2nd of April after the Brazilian team allegedly disbanded last week. Kaipi will inherit PaiN's 1-7 record and most probably treat the league as part of their training regime.

The league is currently one week behind schedule with all the postponed games. The league will be extended to a tenth week to acccomodate all the postponed games, especially the ones coming out from NoTidehunter, only played five games so far.

Week nine of TPL will begin tonight with Team Liquid butting head against Mousesports. The game is set to begin at 20:00 CEST.

The highlight match of the week is the match-up between Fnatic.EU and Team Empire. The outcome of the match will determine the second placer next week. the game is set to begin on the 12th of April.

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